Pop Style Opinionfest: Losing the Plot

Posted on June 28, 2019

Kittens, it’s a light and simple week of opinionating from your two favorite light-in-the-loafers simpletons! We were batting around a discussion about why we haven’t been able to summon up weekly reviews or recaps of Pose and Big Little Lies, even though we’re enjoying both shows tremendously. This led to a realization about modern entertainment, which then led to us simultaneously flipping on our mics and hitting RECORD to let it unfold. It comes down to this: modern entertainment is so saturated with possibilities that it can offer pieces that don’t check off all the normal criteria for judging their quality. These pieces are as much more about the fact of their existence and whose stories they’re telling than about concerns such as plot (in the case of BLL) and nuanced storylines or even good acting (in the case of Pose). We tie this to a whole bunch of other recent films and TV shows and explain how this somewhat modern take on entertainment is going to have to be considered on its own merits, rather than checking off a list of classically conservative critiques.




We also talk about how amazing Meryl is, of course. And Lorenzo, freshly excited from the news of former Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s next project, wound up binge-watching the Danish series Rita on Netflix, about which he had much to gush and recommend.

It’s the usual PARADE OF OPINIONS ON THE CULTCHA, DARLINGS. And thank you once again for giving your ol’ pals a listen.


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[Photo Credit: HBO, FX]


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