Billboard Music Awards 2019 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 03, 2019


Is it a sad commentary on our time-management skills or on the style choices of these stars that we completely forgot we were supposed to put this major-award red carpet to bed by now?

Let’s blame them. It’s always more fun.



Ciara in Stéphane Rolland Couture

This all looks very Ciara to us. And by that we mean: leg, boob, and a fussy sense of drama. It’s not great fashion, but it’s dramatic and right for the venue. That wrinkly “modesty” panel is awful, though.



Cobie Smulders in Cong Tri

Girl, that’s not your dress. It’s kind of shapeless on her and besides, she does so much better with slinky or badass looks; not these party-girl dresses.



Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani

The boots are awful with the rest of it and the shirt is way too undone, but that’s about the best you’re gonna get from Dave. Kumail is working a pretty fresh and on-trend look. We don’t mind the drawstring on the red carpet, given where they are, but we’re afraid the pants length and the white kicks aren’t working for us. He’s filling out that shirt nicely, though.



Eva Longoria in Alberta Ferretti

Hmm. This feels like Leah Michelle circa five years ago.




Halsey in Aadnevik

This dress seems both confused and very agitated. This dress needs meds and restraints.



Jennifer Hudson in Area

Girl, unleash you just escaped the clutches of Spider-Man, there is no excuse for … whatever the hell all of that is.



Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas in Moschino

We already laughed at assessed Nick. His ugly plaid suit makes a little more sense in this context – next to his brothers’ ugly suits. Actually, Joe’s isn’t bad, but it’s weird that he’s wearing such business-like shoes with it.



Julianne Hough in Genny

Dial it back a little, dear. No wonder Paula Abdul tried to decapitate you.



Justin Hartley

Why Justin. Look at you, all “not wearing a blue suit” and stuff! This actually kind of works for us.



Kelly Clarkson in In the Mood for Love

The dress is fine, but the rainbow sandals make for a wonderful and fun surprise.



Olivia Wilde in Ralph Lauren

Miss Woman, you wasted this look on a night that didn’t call for this much effort. It looks fantastic on her but she’s got a film (that she directed) to promote soon. We’re surprised she didn’t save this for a promo event.



Paula Abdul in Hamel

It’s not the freshest look in the world, but we can’t say she’s not killing it.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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