RuPaul’s Drag Race: The Draglympics

Posted on April 05, 2019

Kittens, we just this minute finished recording this week’s podcast, in which we go deep on this week’s episode of Drag Race. In short, we were both kind of disappointed with this challenge and its results.

The idea of doing a Draglympics was actually a pretty cute one and the inclusion of actual Olympians as guest judges was a stroke of minor genius – especially since those judges are clearly huge fans of the show.


But in the end, it was just an extra-long lip synch with choreography. And we can’t tell if guest choreographer Travis Walls gave them a set that was too complicated for untrained dancers or if these untrained dancers were especially bad at picking it up.




This is the winning team, with the trained ballet dancer on it — and there’s no precision in the number at all. Combined with the music choice – which was fun but not particularly danceable – the number just felt frantic and haphazard to us.


And can we talk about those Dance Moms costumes they’re all wearing? Where’s the drag?


We truly hate to sound so grumpy about this, because everyone’s clearly trying and the basic concept of the challenge was good, but we expect a musical number on Drag Race – live or lip-synced – to be entertaining on a certain level. There were moments here and there and some of the queens managed to stand out, but it felt to us like the separation between the performances deemed good and those deemed bad was either paper-thin or arbitrary.



We go into much greater detail in today’s podcast, but in short: A’keria is living up to the Davenport family name, both in laid-back talent and high-pageant drag. Brook Lynne’s simple homemade drag is winning us over with it’s iconic qualities and her ability to sell it. We just don’t get Silky’s drag. The hair and makeup are always too low key and the outfits feel generic. For such a big personality, she does small drag. Yvie, please don’t kill yourself for this show. We’re worried about you, girl. On the other hand, we liked this look (one of us more than the other) and still appreciate her creative, envelope-pushing drag. Shuga’s drag remains unfocused and overdone.


Plastique, congratulations on being able to afford your costume. It’s good drag, but it’s not very creative. Ra’Jah’s homemade drag is pretty stylish, but like Silky’s this look is just a bit low-key and “lady” for us. She’s capable of better. Vanjie… girl. We are getting more and more disappointed and we suspect you only have showgirl costumes in those trunks of yours, because why would you step out in this dull look knowing that the judges are going to call you out? LOVE Nina’s high-camp drag more and more with each week, but Michelle nailed the critique. You’ve got to start proportionizing, girl. Scarlett’s a stunning drag queen and likable in a lot of ways, but this challenge seemed perfectly designed to weed her out.


She surprised us during the lip sync, though. Given her poor dance performance and lack of confidence on stage, we thought she’d just be a look queen and stand there, but girlfriend went all in. Ra’Jah’s a very good lip syncer, but Scarlett held her own. In fact, we’d have probably kept Scarlett over Ra’Jah, simply because the latter has been in the bottom – and far too defensive about that – too many times.

Much more – including our thoughts on Untucked – in this week’s podcast, darlings!

[Stills: VH1 via Tom and Lorenzo]

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