Friday Leftovers for the Week of April 21st, 2019

Posted on April 26, 2019





Angela Bassett in Greta Constantine

It’s … just okay? We feel kinda bad because it seems like we haven’t had a good thing to say about Miss Diva’s red carpet choices in a long time. But a mermaid skirt doesn’t feel all that fresh right now and this one stops at an odd point. If it were a shorter skirt or a gown, this might work better.



Christina Hendricks in Marc Jacobs

Okay, so she’s at a book release party, which means the rules are extremely relaxed, but even so. Come on, girl. Thise are kitchen curtains. And the striped shirt underneath makes no kind of sense.



Debra Messing

Why Miss Debra. This is pretty darn cute.



Diane Kruger in A.L.C.

Of course.



Emma Thompson

Keeping doing you, Aunt Emma.



Eva Green in Jean Paul Gaultier

Sorry, but that color is just hideous. She’s doing as well as she can with it, but we think it photographs terrible. And that bust is way too complicated for its own good. She can work a classic screen siren look like this in her sleep, usually.



Hilary Duff

Looks like the padding you put under a wall-to-wall carpet. And it’s way too shiny.



Jane Krakowski

We want to make some sort of crack about rompers being a little stale at the moment, but they’re never really going to go away, are they? And besides, she’s doing pretty well working this one. We don’t like the pleats at the waist, though.



Kristin Chenoweth

Feels a little 0ff-season for late April. It’s okay, if a little basic. Not crazy about the sheer sleeves or neutral color story. She looks so much better in bold colors.



Laura Dern in Derek Lam

Oof. Lady, no. That’s way too much leather. The top half could work, but not with that skirt. And the witchy booties take the whole look to a harsher, darker place than actually suits her.



Martha Stewart

Martha’s earned the right to walk around in ugly pajamas in public, we think.



Natalie Portman in Dior

This has been just about the dullest week in red carpetry ever. Or maybe we’re just tired. It’s fine. Whatever. The shoes distract.



Rachel Brosnahan in Chloé

Scrolldown surprise! This is kind of cute, actually. We still don’t think the blonde suits her.



Taylor Schilling

We wouldn’t normally include such a casual look with such a mundane backdrop, but we thought this was pretty adorable, in a real-world kind of way.

No, that’s not a backhanded compliment. It’s just that we’re gay so everything we say sounds like one.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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