Keira Knightley Goes Big at BUILD Series

Posted on March 13, 2019

We feel like Miss Keira didn’t have the whole BUILD Series thing explained to her ahead of time. This feels a little too dressy for the occasion.


If you can call an oversized slip dressy, that is. Still, the tone of the look reads night-time to us. And the silhouette is just plain odd. Love the jacket, but it’s not deployed well. We don’t think a swing coat should be worn over such a full skirt unless the wearer’s in maternity clothes. She’s an utter triangle. With extremely cold feet, we’d wager. In fact, she looks like she’s grinning her way through the cold. People are in hats and puffy jackets behind her and she’s turning blue in a sheer skirt and sandals. No, girl. This  jacket over a pair of pants and boots was the way to go. Nothing about this looks says daytime, cold-weather or New York to us.

To be fair, she does look gorgeous. It just all goes terrible from the waist down.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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