Amal Clooney and George Clooney at The Prince’s Trust International Dinner

Posted on March 13, 2019

Amal and Mr. Amal stepped out with the royals and you wouldn’t believe the kind of frantic running-around it caused us this morning. Allow us to explain.



No tea no shade, but a well-trained (in the matters of red carpetry) celeb lady would never make the mistake of obscuring the most eye-popping part of the dress in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. After exhausting every effort to find a shot of her standing on the other side of Mr. Amal – or even better, standing by herself – we then scrambled to find a look book shot of the dress, only to be faced with the realization that somehow, her big gold sleeve wound up on her left arm instead of on the right, as shown in the original design (see below). THEN we had to go around trying to find out if either the pictures above were flipped (unlikely) or the picture from the look book was. FINALLY we discovered that the sleeves are fully detachable and can be worn on either side.

Kittens, the things we do to give you the full picture.


And to be honest, we think it’s a goofy-ass design. We half-wonder if she’s obscuring the gold sleeve in every picture because she’s not crazy about it, but if that were the case, why bother wearing it? The gown would work just as well with the one white sleeve – better, actually. It might have wound up a fairly dull white goddess gown, but as is, it’s a white goddess gown with one incredibly distracting and awkward feature.

Mr. Amal is looking trim and refreshed.


Style Credits:
 Jean-Louis Scherrer by Stephane Rolland White Jersey Grecian-style Embellished Gown with Gold Metal Thread and Rhinestones and Featuring Detachable Sleeves from the Spring 2007 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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