Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 26, 2018

Not gonna lie, kittens. We literally clapped our hands with glee when these pictures popped up on the wire services. A Louis Vuitton event is always a great showcase of snooty cheek-sucking and fashion that is not only off the beaten path, but veering wildly and irresponsibly into unknown territories, if we can be permitted an enormously strained metaphor. Point is: there’s cray ahead. Even better: there’s a bunch of celebs using all their acting skills to pretend not to see the cray. Fun!



Julianne Moore

Having said that, cray is, in and of itself, not necessarily a bad thing in fashion. Cray can be fun. Cray can be right for the wearer. Cray can even be chic. Have we said “cray” enough times yet? Are you hearing it in your head constantly now?


Anyway, our point is that, while this is indeed a bit wacky (switching things up in the word choice there to throw you off), it also looks pretty great on her.



Justin Theroux

What a dork.




Michelle Williams

Michelle seems like a lovely person, but she often looks like someone just told her something terrible and then told her to put it out of her mind until the picture-taking is done. This look is somewhere between “You’ve lost most of your money today” and “We have 90 minutes before the tsunami hits.” Or maybe her expression is saying “Boy howdy, this is a weirdly proportioned and oddly shaped set of random items I’m stuck sporting.” Do you think Michelle is the type to use the phrase “Boy howdy?” We don’t know why. Just seems right somehow. Isn’t that a Barbie case?

Noomi Rapace

Please allow us the use of this word this one time, in the full recognition that it is meant as the highest of praise:


She’s so awesome. We don’t even smoke, but if she asked us to, we’d be out back by the dumpsters, happily puffing away with her.



Paul Bettany

Snooty Hot Dad is back and we are so ready to swoon over his judgmental gaze and pretentious eyewear. His cuffing situation is pretty dumb, but he looks pretty hot here, we’ve gotta say.

Riley Keough

She looks like she put this outfit through the wash while still wearing it. And honestly? It kinda works for her.



Sienna Miller

This, on the other hand, does not. The broad shoulders, split sleeves, ridiculously unflattering boots (although kudos to the fine folks at LV because up until now, we’d have said that just about anyone can look hotter in thigh-high boots), and weirdly workbib-esque pair of shorts are all combining to make one of the worst, most unflattering collection of style elements we’ve ever seen. This is the Bad Cray.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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