Posted on October 26, 2018

Because it’s Friday and why the hell not, darlings? Also, because this week offered the unique occasion of both Duchesses stepping out on different continents on the same day wearing formal blue gowns. And because they’re both so different from each other in almost every way, each Duchess served up a gown that speaks of her role, her station, and her outlook. It’s that old fashion debate once again, darlings: tradition vs. modernity.



Cathy Cambridge in Alexander McQueen at the State Banquet

This was fairly widely panned from a fashion point of view, but we’d argue a lot of folks missed the point of it. This is the future Queen. Her job, especially with three young children (including another heir to the throne) to raise, requires her to adopt a more stately, royal and traditional method of comportment. This isn’t red carpet trendy or even magazine cover chic. It’s royal as fuck, is what it is. It’s a living, walking 19th century portrait of an aristocrat. Girlfriend’s deep in the game now and she’s opted to lean into the image. She never looked so ready to take the throne and that’s the entire point of it, making it an extremely savvy use of fashion, not to mention an exceedingly appropriate one.



 Meghan Markle in Safiyaa in Fiji

Meghan, of course, has no such expectations placed on her. She is also in a much different position because she’s extremely new to this life, with virtually no training under her feet, newly married, a foreigner, the first person of color to openly marry into the family, and divorced. Basically, the Sussex marriage is like Wallis Simpson settling down with Princess Margaret. There’s a huge loosening of tradition inherent in the situation. Because of all of that – and also because of her background as a celebrity – Meghan is freer to be a lot more modern in her style. She took that idea and applied a very Carolyn Bessette-like sort of minimalism to her approach. Very American Socialite/Political Wife in tone. This gown perfectly represents her entire line of thinking regarding her style. It’s simplistic to the point of minimalism, demure in style but with one bold, defining element (the cape), lending it a formality and her a sense of bearing. She’s threading the needle on looking like a modern woman and looking like a member of royalty.

So there you have it, darlings. Two blue gowns, two duchesses, and two distinct approaches to royal style. Which duchess nailed it best?



Who won the royal fashion showdown for the week of October 21st, 2018?

Cathy Cambridge in Alexander McQueen
Meghan Markle in Safiyaa
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Style Credits:
Cathy Cambridge: Alexander McQueen Gown

Meghan Markle: Safiyaa Ginkgo Cape Gown

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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