“Black Panther” Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 30, 2018

Kittens, we commanded you to bow down to various members of this royal family already, as we singled out Lupita, Danai, Chadwick, and fabulous ladies in waiting Janelle and Issa, but it’s time to overwhelm your senses completely and indulge in all the fabulosity at once on the Black Panther L.A. premiere red carpet; a style and promotional event that makes almost all the others look like dirty little amateur productions.


Amber Riley in C. Alexander

Loving the hair and skirt. That neckline is begging for a pendant.



Angela Bassett in Naeem Khan

This is just ridiculously amazing. We keep thinking the yellow satin shoes are a bit much, but we can’t seem to imagine anything else in their place, except maybe a gold metallic sandal to set off all that incredible jewelry.



Cobie Smulders in Markarian

She’s usually pretty lazy about her red carpetry. And she’s not exactly slaying with the effort here, but at least she picked a dress good enough that her underdone head and generic shoes don’t detract. Too much.

Come on, honey. You had to know the ladies would be bringing it to this one. Did you just decide to opt out in the face of all that superiority?



Daniel Kaluuya

We wanted to love this. We certainly understand why he opted for a kanzu, but so many of the other castmembers didn’t just deploy African or African-inspired looks; they specifically went for richly regal, over-the-top looks. This is very elegant but perhaps a bit too simple and humble for such a spectacular red carpet. Perhaps a richer color for that blazer and a shoe with some gold accents.


David Oyelowo

What is there not to love in this picture?



Donald Glover in Dolce&Gabbana

We love his love of color, but this may be a bit harsh and shiny under the lighting. Still, it’s fabulously bold.



Florence Kasumba

Miss Lady went for pure chic elegance over bold African-inspired fashions. Can’t say it doesn’t work for her. She’s so incredibly striking that a black gown and some diamonds turn her into a goddess.



Letitia Wright in Bibhu Mohapatra

This is beautifully understated, although the beige doesn’t exactly set us on fire. This in a midnight blue would slay. LOVE the slightly retro feel of the hairstyle.



Marija Abney

This whole look is TO DIE FOR, but girlfriend, if you need to take a whole face kit with you, maybe you should opt for a bigger clutch? Loving the bangles and earrings, but the shoes feel like a missed opportunity to be fabulous. The lining is gorgeous and makes the whole look.



Michael B. Jordan in Calvin Klein


The suit is fairly standard, but the gorgeous collar points and shoes take it to a royal place.



Sterling K. Brown in La Perla

It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

See? We can appreciate a turtleneck on the right wearer.



Storm Reid in Stella McCartney

So cute and chic. We hate to keep harping on this point every time a stylish girl gets featured here, but this is a perfect example of why we tend to get a little tense looking at Millie Bobby Brown’s high-chic Vogue-cover ensembles. There’s a way for an under-16 to look pretty and stylish and chic without putting her in grownup cosplay. This is the way.


Tessa Thompson in Elie Saab

You all know how much we tend to dislike black lace, but this is pretty fierce; like a sparkly puff of smoke.



Yara Shahidi in Etro


(But maybe not so much on the tassles.)



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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