T Lo Watchlist: Orphan Black & Call the Midwife

Posted on April 17, 2015

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Suddenly, our weekends have become incredibly TV-heavy – and they’re about to get even heavier with more watchable and discussable stuff. We’ve already got Saturday’s Outlander and Sunday’s Mad Men on our reviewing roster, not to mention the every-other-day Daredevil reviews, but now we can add the returning Orphan Black to that list, which starts its third season this Saturday:

Here’s hoping it shapes up to be better than the somewhat disappointing season 2.

In other news, we’ve been keeping up with the latest season of Call the Midwife on PBS, and one of these days, we’ll get around to fitting a review in. Who knows? Maybe this will be the week.

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To our surprise, the show has highlighted a couple of gay characters this season and done a very good job of portraying the nuances of the period. We were pleased to see the show didn’t shy away from portraying some of the more likable characters as less than enlightened on the topic of homosexuality. We are talking about a house full of nuns in 1960, after all. This isn’t Mad Men.

So between now and Monday, you can expect at least one more Daredevil review (possibly two), one Outlander, one Orphan Black and one Mad Men, with a very remote possibility of a Call the Midwife review shoved in there somewhere.

This is why we don’t review Game of Thrones. Because we need one hour of TV-watching on the weekend without any note-taking.

[Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA, PBS – Video Credit: BBC America, PBS]

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