Pop Style Opinionfest: Have Red Carpets Become Mandatory?

Posted on June 13, 2017

We’re back with yet another round if firmly held and fabulously stated opinions, kittens! Yes, of course we have much to say about the Final FOUR (because Auntie Ru likes her drama, yes she does) of RuPaul’s Drag Race. SPOILERS: They’re feature in the above picture.

But that’s not all, darlings! We got into a back-and-forth on the state of modern red carpetry, taking the recent Tony awards and last month’s network upfronts into account. Bottom line:Things have changed considerably in the last year as male stars are now facing more and more pressure to dress up and all stars – even the C-list ones -getting much more access to high-end fashion than they used to.

Also, we have some not-so-great (but non-spoilery) things to say about the first half of the new season of Orange is the New Black, and how it’s been a major disappointment, which then allowed us to rant a bit about a bunch of other TV disappointments lately, from Doctor Who to House of Cards to Fargo – there’s a glut of mediocrity forming in the heart of Peak TV.

But enough seriousness, dolls…






Sasha Velour



Trinity Taylor


Shea Couleé



Let’s hear your pick for the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, not to mention your pick for who should have gone home this week. We don’t want name names, but she’s a breath freshener – and it was past time, but Ru couldn’t bring herself to do it.



Thank you, as always, for all your support, kittens. Luvyameanit.


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[Photo Credit: VH1 – Stills: Tom and Lorenzo, VH1 – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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