“Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” LA Premiere

Posted on August 08, 2011

Darlings, those little Glee moppets put on their best theater club smiles and pretty clothes for the premiere of “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” in Los Angeles. You can practically hear the shrieking of tweens and middle-aged gay men in the pictures. Most of the cast did really well, with some notable – and even a little puzzling – exceptions. Walk with us.

Amber Riley

Not loving it at all. She’s been known to rock some pretty divatastic looks, and she usually shows good instincts about how to dress her shape, but this is not good on any level. It’s too tight and unflattering and to be blunt, it doesn’t exactly look high-end.

Ashley Fink

This is kind of cute. She’s showing a willingness to shoot for pretty, which hasn’t always been the case. It’s cute and girly, and the shoes take it to a kickass level.

Chord Overstreet

Looks good. Very minor collar and hem quibbles, but not worth getting worked up over.

Chris Colfer

He’s been wearing a variation on this look for as long as he’s been in the public eye. Enough with the skinny jeans, casual shoes and ties, Chris.

Cory Monteith

Corey, you make us sad. Here you are in a lovely suit, looking like a Wall Street guy during happy hour. Button your jacket when you’re getting your picture taken, otherwise you look like you have a gut. Also, you can afford to have your pants hemmed.

Darren Criss

Standard for him. His public look is almost as persistent as Chris Colfer’s, but at least it’s more red carpet-ready.

Dianna Agron in Christian Cota

HONEY. Whoever did your hair and makeup for you, BLOW THEM.

Oh, sorry. That was really crass. We got a little excited, is all. We just mean you’ve never looked so good from the neck up, sweetie. We would never presume to tell you how to conduct your oral affairs.

Also, we don’t really love the dress or the shoes, but it doesn’t really matter, because that is some mega-fierce face you’re giving, girl.

Harry Shum Jr.

He’s slowly morphing his choices from cute, sexy, retro lounge looks to Jerry Lewis looks. And that’s not good.

Heather Morris in Tibi

Oooooh, sweetie. Let’s cover you in a blanket and get you away from photographers.

Everything is wrong here. Literally. The color doesn’t suit her; the shape doesn’t flatter her, the shoes are a really bad choice, and the hair is a little too Christian missionary for a film premiere. How disappointing. She should have gone all big hair and slinky.

Jayma Mays in J. Mendel

Best hair and makeup we’ve seen on her in a while, but Dianna already won the “Look at my cooch” dress sweepstakes.

Besides it’s slutty-bridal and the shoes are all wrong.

Jenna Ushkowitz in Ramy Brook

Wow, good for her. She hasn’t always demonstrated an understanding of what works for her, but this is really cute. The color’s not great, but we love the shape of it.

Kevin McHale

Cute, if a bit typical for him. We want those shoes so bad but they’ve become associated with a couple of celebrities on red carpets and now the mystique is gone, darlings.

Lea Michele in Marchesa

It’s so very Marchesa; dramatic, but a bit too much so, with pretty, pretty princess undertones.

It suits her for all of the above reasons. Plus, her makeup looks great.

Mark Salling

He doesn’t opt for suits often enough, so it’s nice to see him in one here; especially since it’s a really great suit. Love the shoes. Hate the sloppiness of the shirt. Lock that collar and tuck that in, son.

Naya Rivera in Rue du Mail

Really fabulous dress; hair and makeup are cute. Now. Here’s your chance to prove yourself as a precious unborn fawn of good standing. What aspect of this look is filling T Lo with queenrage? Come on now. It’s not that hard.

[Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com, Getty]

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