PR: The Vast Middle

Posted on August 08, 2011

Well if the judges can’t be arsed to critique these looks, we’ll just have to bark out our opinions in their place. Stand back. Sometimes there’s spit.


Anya used leashes and rope dog toys to put together this fetching little look. We didn’t hate it on sight or anything but we did shout at our TV when this walked out.


That little bit of disappointing repetition aside, it’s not a bad little look at all.

Too heavy and rug-like to get anywhere near the top3, plus the skirt’s kind of standard and while she clearly likes to style her model exactly like herself, we’re not sure Anya-lite was the way to go as far as styling for these pieces. But she chose interesting materials and worked hard to make them do what she wanted and the look definitely has some impact to it. We suspect the judges noticed it more than many of the entries in the middle.


Gotta give it to Blenley here.

She really managed to make something cute and chic.

Better than that…

She did a great job manipulating the materials, which is exactly the kind of thing the judges like.

And to our way of thinking demonstrates that she’s got some real chops, both as a designer and a competitor.

Much as it pains us to say that about Miss “I come from an upper class background.”

It’s cute; it feels of the moment, and it doesn’t really look like pet store materials.

Of all the vast middle, we think this was probably the most deserving of a slot in the top 3.

See? See how fair-minded and unbiased we are? We’ve had our claws out and sharpened for this bitch strong competitor right from the get-go, and yet look at the lovely things we spat out bitterly said about her here! Truly we are the Mother Teresa of bitchy gay reality TV bloggers.


Hey, wasn’t Viktor all narrowed eyes and hissed threats last week? Whatever happened to that guy? Because he seems pretty non-threatening so far.
There’s good “vast middle” and then there’s not-so-good “vast middle.” We would consider this the former.

We were a bit more intrigued when we saw the direction he was going in the workroom and then a bit disappointed when this walked out.

It’s pretty. Nothing to get too excited about from a design perspective and hardly the most modern dress you’ll ever see, but it does a damn good job of mimicking an actual cocktail dress.

We do hate the way he styled this thing, however. The necklace and the belt seem to be rather obvious attempts to make a fairly plain dress look more dramatic.

And she’s got drag queen makeup paired with running errands hair. Weird.

But credit must be paid, because he manipulated his materials very well and they couldn’t have been easy to work with. The dyeing was a nice touch and well executed.

And the whole dress looks solidly put together, unlike many of the other entries, which looked like they could survive neither a light rain, a strong wind, or a walk through the park. He may not have come close to winning this challenge, but he definitely won the Pee Pad Prize.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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