Gerard Butler’s Latest Body

Posted on June 07, 2011

Gerard Butler presented the Menswear Designer of the Year Award to Michael Bastian at the CFDAs but all anyone could talk about was his latest look:



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Almost immediately after he made a big splash with his steroid-provided muscle body in 300, he slimmed down considerably to what might be referred to as a slightly beefy but nowhere near musclebound look. We thought it suited him well. Granted, when we saw him in person last year at the Versace Whitney gala we were surprised to see that he was actually quite thin and much smaller than he looked in pictures. Seeing him like this, he must look positively tiny in real life. But it can’t be said he doesn’t look good in a suit. Of course, that’s not actually surprising since most fashion is tailored for the very thin. We don’t love the hair, though. It looks too much like a wig. And we don’t know if it’s true that Deneuve said it, but it’s still a truism that after 40, one must choose one’s ass or one’s face and to be perfectly blunt, we think he looked a lot better when he had a slightly chubbier face. But kudos on the suit, Gerard. It looks wonderful on you. A shame the shirt’s all screwed up around the collar. We wonder if that shirt isn’t pinned in the back to be as tight as possible and that’s why it’s all askew in the front.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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