In or Out: Kelly Rowland in Matthew Williamson

Posted on June 07, 2011

A lot of the bitter kittens seemed pretty upset with Kelly last week when she wore that lace belly shirt,  so we thought we’d do the girl a solid and feature her in something quite a bit more conservative and grown up. Unfortunately, it may have gone too far in the other direction.

PinKelly Rowland, the new ” X Factor” judge arrives in Glasgow for the Scottish auditions for the hit talent show. Kelly Rowland is wearing a Chloé blouse and a Matthew Williamson skirt paired with Fendi Shoes.

PinMatthew Williamson Resort 2011 Collection/Model: Sona Matufkova



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She’s quite the buttoned-up gal here and one could argue that this looks a little “9 to 5” secretarial, but we think it mostly works for her. Or maybe we’re just happy to see her dressed like a grownup after that last getup (which Lorenzo still defends). We like that she didn’t tie the top into a giant pussy bow and opted for something a little more subtle and streamlined. We like the accentuated shoulders paired with that length and style of skirt. It prevents it from looking too literally ’80s. That’s a lot of beige in one outfit, though. We like the shoes, but we would have chosen something a little more colorful. Still hate the spy girl hair. Like we said, it all mostly works. Still, if she wasn’t selling it so hard through force of personality alone, we’d be struggling with the idea that it could easily border on frumpy if it’s not done right. Let the court of minion opinion decide:


IN! She looks grown-up and put-together chic!

OUT! She looks like a school secretary in 1983!

The Minion Opinion on Xtina’s sad cougar/burlesque thing was a resounding OUT, to no one but Xtina’s surprise.

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