Vanity Fair Oscar Party: The Gentlemen

Posted on February 27, 2019




Adam Lambert in Gucci

You had us until the pants, Adam. The top is pure fop fabulousness. The bottom is cater-waiter.



Billy Eichner in Hugo Boss

We don’t like the color at all but we have to admit it looks great on him.



Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy

Oof. No. We salute any man who wears a pink suit, but the cut is too blocky, the sleeves are too short, and the shirt color renders the whole thing kind of drab.



Darren Criss in Balmain

Well look who got all glam on us. It’s fun – and it straddles a line between partywear and looking professional.



Finn Wittrock in Ermenegildo Zegna

OHMIGOD NEVER EVER EVER WEAR A WHITE SHIRT AND A WHITE DINNER JACKET BUT FORGET THE UNDERSHIRT. We’re sorry, this bugs the shit out of us. Dress shirts aren’t meant to be sheer, buddy. Line that shit.



Gerard Butler in Salvatore Ferragamo

No complaints here, although he looks like he’s about to pop.



James Marsden in Eidos

This bitch.



Jamie Foxx




Jon Hamm in Brunello Cucinelli




Michael B. Jordan in Berluti

We guess so…



Michael Keaton in Brioni

Impeccable. That is one well-preserved white man.



Zachary Quinto in Salvatore Ferragamo






[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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