2011 MTV Movie Awards – The Boys

Posted on June 06, 2011

[Insert bitchy introduction here. Use one of the following terms of endearment: poodles, kittens, darlings, precious unborn fawns, minions.]

Hit it, fellas!

Andrew Garfield in Dior jeans and Band of Outsiders blazer

We are supremely jell of his fantastic hair. He looks really cute and the outfit looks put together, but doesn’t that jacket make is torso look unnaturally long?

Boo Boo Stewart


Bronson Pelletier

Doctor Gay Who.

Chris Evans

Honest to god, we thought this was Tom Cruise with a haircut. And Chris? That ain’t good. You’re hot and you’ve got a big superhero movie coming out, boy. Now’s the time to be working that cornfed stud look you do so well.

Colton Haynes


Jackson Rathbon


Jason Sudeikis

Drunk Wall Street guy.

JC Chasez

Enh. It’s fine. Feels a little “trying too hard.”

Jim Carrey

Nothing says “middle-aged man” better than dress shoes with jeans or a t-shirt.

Josh Duhamel

While we appreciate how he fills out the clothes, we wish he hadn’t gone all black.

Isn’t it amazing that there were women wearing thousand-dollar gowns at the same event?

Kellan Lutz

[Insert Josh Duhamel commentary here]

Kevin Manno

Cute. Borders on fussy.

Kiowa Gordon

Why are half the guys sporting a Frodo look? We appreciate a vest as much as the next queen, but apparently the LA stylists are pushing them as hard as the nude shoe.

Are those suspenders hanging off the front? How assy.

Patrick Dempsey

Maybe a bit of a cliche, but Jim Carrey could take some lessons here about dressing your age and still looking hot.

Peter Facinelli

DEFINITELY too fussy for the event. Looks like a British banker.

Rami Malek

IT Tech.

Romeo Miller

Only a man of color – a THIN man of color – could pull off this look. He looks adorable.

Ryan Reynolds

The expression says “douche,” but we have to admit, he looks really put together.

Taylor Lautner in Dolce & Gabbana

He looks good, but is it us or have there been some … changes made to his face?

Tom Felton

Lorenzo has that shirt, so we are obligated to love this look.


Tyrese Gibson

Hot. Love the jacket.


[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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