Royal Watch: Bill & Cathy Cambridge

Posted on June 06, 2011

Kittens, we’ll have another MTV Movie Awards post up later, but we need a break from all that tackiness. Let’s look at something boring and unchallenging instead. The Duke and Duchess who want to be called Prince and Princess stepped out with the horsey set and we have opinions.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attend the 2011 Epsom Derby in Epsom, England.

The Duchess wore a chiffon ‘Peacock dress by Reiss, a Nessie tweed jacket by Joseph and nude heels and clutch by LK Bennett.

He looks fine. It’s kind of hard to screw up that look. As for her…

We’re going to get a lot of crap for saying this, but this is boring as hell. Put an extra 2 or 3 inches on the hem and a 70-year-old would look appropriate in this. Yes, of course; concessions must be made for her station and role, but that’s no need to throw style out the window and dress like your own grandmother. Michelle Obama manages to not look stuffy and boring and she’s almost 2 decades older than her. If we were her style bitches, we would have kept the skirt (which is salvageable) and paired it with a less boxy and mature-looking jacket. We also would have insisted on less neutral accessories. And yes, Kate. We see the ring. Perhaps you’d like to pierce your nose and wear it there for maximum exposure.

Oh, we’re being horrible bitches, yes. But we think she’s trying so damn hard to look respectable and to not remind people of her dead mother-in-law that she’s gone too far in the other direction. We don’t think modern royals have to dress like movie stars – in fact, it would be strange if they did – but there’s nothing wrong with finding a way to be a little modern and stylish within the confines of the role. If she thinks she’s going to become an Elizabeth-style duty-bound/rock of strength/face of a nation when she’s queen, we think she’s in for quite a surprise. That’s not what people are going to want from her.

Also, that jacket is too tight and the buttons are pulling. For shame, Cathy. Get some snippy British queens, dear (and we don’t mean Grandmum Betty).

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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