In or Out: January Jones in Preen

Posted on May 27, 2011

Jesus Christ, January Jones, must we tell you how to do everything? When you have your first big budget blockbuster movie come out after making a splash on basic cable, and when you have tongues a-wagging (as they say; we certainly don’t talk like that) about the identity of your baby daddy, then THIS:

January Jones attends the “X-Men: First Class” New York Premiere in a Preen dress.

Is a HUGE mistake – and not just for the obvious reasons like it’s ugly and silly-looking.

To be fair, it almost works, if you’re a size 0, standing still and looking pissed off.

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But sweetie, you’re so much more than a hungry model. You have been riding a famewave that most celebrities would kill for; starting off with a television role that almost instantly became iconic, then appearing on every single magazine cover worldwide for a year (we’re guessing; we could be wrong about that), crashing your car and having the world wonder who you’re sleeping with, being  feted and toasted and dressed by some of the biggest fashion designers in the world and now, here you are, a superhero and pregnant by an unknown sperm donor. This is your moment, dear. This is when you show up in sparkling couture, with a turban and a cigarette holder, offering mystique and style and a “You’re always going to wonder, bitches” response to the paternity questions. This is most definitely NOT the time to show up wearing a sheet not-so-cleverly knotted to look like a dress, with hair, makeup, and facial expression that says “Fuck it. I give up.”




IN! She’s PREGNANT, T Lo! End of style discussion!







OUT! Just because she’s baby-baking doesn’t mean she gets to slack off! She’s gorgeous and gets free clothes. Work it, bitch!







The Minion Opinion on Lucy Liu’s Judy Jetson, Hotel Maid costume was a not-sanctioned-by-T Lo IN and Jesus Christ, January Jones will be the title of our blogging memoirs someday.


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