Style File: Jodie Turner-Smith Promotes STAR WARS: THE ACOLYTE

Posted on June 04, 2024


Star Wars: The Acolyte star Jodie Turner-Smith has been doing quite the diva turn when she headed out solo in a succession of eye-popping outfits to promote the new Disney Plus series. Her first impulse in style is to always go as loud and jaw-dropping as possible every chance she gets. It’s a dramatic style to which she’s extremely well-suited, but it’s also the kind of approach that can quite easily go off the rails, as you’re about to see.


At THE VIEW Studios in Wiederhoeft


This is a no from head to toe. It’s interesting, obviously, and you certainly can’t look away from it, but it’s not because it’s gorgeous, it’s because it’s so damn weird. It also looks hellaciously heavy for New York in June.


At the GOOD MORNING AMERICA Studios in Balmain


Just spectacular. The boots are a cute touch, but they’re a bit heavy for the weather and we don’t think the color coordinates well. We still think that when you’re wearing a colorful outfit, you don’t introduce new colors in the accessories.


At the GOOD MORNING AMERICA Studios in Shushu/Tong


Completely ridiculous, but kind of almost on the verge of being camp-spectacular. We just think the briefs should be more like boy shorts and sit a little lower.


Leaving Her Hotel in Balmain


She’s a lady who doesn’t mind suffering for her fashion, but that bust is painful to look at. On the other hand, she’s making glitter boob flamingos work for her and that should not be discounted lightly.



Style Credits:
First Look:  Wiederhorft Dress from the Fall 2024 Collection
Second Look: Balmain Dress from the Pre-Fall 2024 Collection
Third Look: Shushu/Tong
Dress from the Fall 2024 Collection
Fourth Look: Balmain
 Dress from the Pre-Fall 2024 Collection
Styled by Wayman + Micah

[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/INSTARimages, Janet Mayer/, Darla Khazei/INSTARimages, Courtesy of Balmain, Courtesy of Shushu/Tong,]

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