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Pin1901 Restaurant and Wine Lounge – London, UK


It’s TUESDAY, dammit. Let’s be moody about it.


On Pointe
As a dancer with the New York City Ballet, India Bradley knows a good performance—and that the outfit plays a role.

Bradley, 25, has been a member of the Corps de Ballet since August 2018. But this past December, she made history starring in George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker as the first Black dancer cast as a Dewdrop, a role where she glides and pirouettes across the stage in a whimsical costume and tiara.
While Bradley doesn’t consider herself a crier, she was moved by the crowd’s response, especially since she wasn’t expecting such thunderous applause. “It was so much pressure, and I was really nervous,” she says. “The responsibility of [existing as] the first Black anything is something you cannot explain the feeling of. It’s something on your shoulders that is really heavy. And when I came out and the audience had that reaction…it was just so emotionally supportive and really sweet.” Her mother sat in the crowd, sobbing.


Netflix’s shocking Baby Reindeer true story explained
“It’s a stalker story turned on its head. It takes a trope and turns it on its head.”

Gadd has been very open about the fact that he was stalked for four years by a woman who called him “Baby Reindeer”. Apparently, she constantly followed him to his comedy gigs and even showed up at his house. She sent Gadd a staggering 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages and 106 pages of letters. She also sent him an array of slightly sinister gifts — sleeping pills, a woolly hat, brand new boxer shorts and a reindeer toy.


Forget the glazed mani, glazed toes are going to be the biggest pedicure trend this sandal season
The experts all agree, 2024 will be the year for the glazed doughnut pedi

Last year, Hailey Bieber officially started a glazed revolution, from plump and dewy glazed skin courtesy of her skincare brand Rhode to the ethereal-looking mirror glaze mani, we were all on a quest to look ultra-shiny and good enough to eat. And, while you may think we’d be sick of all things glossy by now, you couldn’t be more wrong, as the trend’s not only sticking around for 2024 but it’s going, quite literally, a step further.
Recently, while asking some of the most knowledgeable names in the nail industry to share their predictions for the biggest spring pedicure trends, one look came up time and time again. I’m sure you’ve guessed it already: get ready for the year of the glazed pedi.


Trust me, now is the time to take short hair inspiration from Princess Diana—here are her best looks ever
They have gone unrivalled

Princess Diana epitomised strength, elegance and grace, not only through how she appeared and held herself, but how she treated others and dealt with situations. It is that reason she is so lovingly remembered, of course. And this elegance was always outwardly shown with her immaculate hairstyles, which have come to shape decades worth of hair trends.
The late Princess of Wales’ chopped layers very subtly varied throughout her time in the public eye; for example, she began with longer hair and experimented a little later with a shorter cut. But in general, she always wore her hair in her signature style, with reflective shine, height-defying volume and bouncy shape.


I joined Instagram when I was 12 – here’s why I wish I’d never been given a phone at that age
I was 13 when the first nude photograph of a girl landed in the inbox of everyone at school.

My generation, Gen Z, were social media’s lab rats. But today’s tweens, Gen Alpha (those born after 2010), will be seasoned social media users before their first day of Year 7. I don’t envy them. 1 in 25 children aged four to seven have a smartphone – that’s one child in every primary school class – while 24% of kids aged eight to 11 have one, according to The Times. An online world is quickly replacing hazy evenings in local parks or after-school playdates, and it’s understandable that parents don’t want to exclude their children from these social spheres. But they’re not naive to the dangers.


Please stop throwing things at your favourite celebrities (yes, including Olivia Rodrigo)
She’s the latest celeb to be the target of one of these ‘micro’ incidents of violence.

Olivia Rodrigo is the latest female star to be hit in the face with an object thrown at her by a member of the public, and we are tired. The singer was hit in the face by a bouquet of flowers during her final performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden during her GUTS world tour.
It happened while Olivia greeted fans inside the venue, walking past the crowd on her way to the stage. When she passed one fan who held a bouquet of flowers, the fan proceeded to throw the flowers at the singer from behind, hitting her in the face. Rodrigo flinched, then continued walking through the crowd, greeting her fans. The moment was captured on video.


‘Bounce Back’ Culture: Why Are We Still Expecting Women To ‘Snap Back’ After Giving Birth?
As celebrities including Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian open up about their postpartum bodies, we explore the fascination with ‘snapping back’ after giving birth.

It’s no secret that society has an unhealthy obsession with women’s bodies – specifically their size. It is, sadly, a preoccupation that has dominated our collective psyche for centuries, fuelling an ever-growing $200 billion diet industry that explicitly targets women.
But this fascination is further intensified when it comes to postpartum bodies. We see it time and time again in the media as celebrities are scrutinised for how they look after giving birth, and it’s an incredibly fine line they have to tread in order to receive approval. Too thin?


40 Vintage Photos of Royals as Teenagers
From state dinners to meetings with presidents, their younger years look different than most.

While most teens are worried about college applications or prom, growing up is more intense for those born into royalty, as the world watches them come of age in the spotlight.
Although some royal children might have been able to enjoy relatively normal upbringings at school and on sports fields, others had to balance life as a teen with their royal workload. Case in point: Queen Elizabeth II was just 13 years old when she gave her first public address. And while ordinary teenagers get to delete less-than-favorable young photos, royals aren’t afforded the same luxury. From official portraits to paparazzi shots, there is plenty of photo evidence of their teen years.
Here are 40 photos of young princes and princesses from around the globe as teens, from images of a British royal getting his driver’s license to photos of a Spanish prince meeting with a U.S. president.


The 10 Best Chanel Perfumes, According to Experts
There’s more to Chanel scents than just N°5. These are the iconic brand’s fragrances worth adding to your collection.

Chanel’s collection of fine fragrances is equally as beloved as its luxury handbags and couture goods. While it’s no easy task to narrow down the best Chanel perfumes, the classic No. 5 parfum is undoubtedly the brand’s most legendary scent, and also its first. Developed with perfumer Ernest Beaux, the perfume is an olfactory heirloom across generations, setting the tone for some of the top fragrances from the house that were created after it.


Baby Reindeer: Meet the Scottish Comedian Who Turned His Stalker Experience Into a Netflix Show
In his first US interview, Richard Gadd tells VF about adapting the most painful chapter of his life into the sensational series.

Plenty of movies and TV shows have depicted stalkers as horror-movie-type villains. But Baby Reindeer arguably offers the most tender depiction of a stalker ever committed to screen. Referring to films like the genre classic Fatal Attraction, Gadd says, “I would always take umbrage to the bunny-boiler-style stories where somebody’s really normal, usually quite good looking, and then it’s chipped away and they’re sociopathic or psychotic. Real stalking is a mental illness—it isn’t as contained or insidious or malicious as it has been portrayed on film and TV before. I saw a lot of humanity in her.”


How Massimo Bottura Gets the Most Out of a Bottle of Balsamic
The acclaimed chef uses balsamic in everything from cocktails to dessert.

Turning treasured childhood memories into a business is so very Massimo Bottura. As a child in Modena, the Michelin-starred chef and his friends would collect fresh snow and top it with saba, a sweet and tangy grape syrup made much like the process for balsamic vinegar, but without the long aging process. According to Bottura, for Emilians, protecting the region’s beloved culinary products — including Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto di Parma, and balsamico — is a responsibility and a necessity shared by all.


How Long Does Wine Last After Opening?
Learn why that open bottle of Champagne goes bad much more quickly than Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.

As much as we wish we could preserve the magic of our favorite bottles forever, wine has a shelf life. While some wines get better with age, once you uncork the bottle, the clock starts ticking.
Jonathan Ross, wine director at The Global Ambassador in Phoenix, Arizona and The Twelve Thirty Club in Nashville, Tennessee associates opening a bottle of wine to slicing into an apple. They’re both fragile fruit products, and as such, both the apple flesh and the wine begin to immediately react to oxygen.


Alain Ducasse On His New Memoir and Most Memorable Meals
He’s got opinions about Philly cheesesteaks, too.

Alain Ducasse can taste butter and know if it was mixed by hand or with an electric mixer. He can tell where on the farm the cows who provided the milk were pasturing, and if it had been raining there lately. “Dude could taste the weather,” recounted Dan Barber, the chef of Blue Hill at Stone Barns and maker of the butter in question, in the foreword of Ducasse’s new book, Good Taste: A Life of Food and Passion.


The Best Hotels in Athens, From Renovated Historic Villas to Dreamy Bohemian Stays
For years, getting travelers to see Athens as more than a transient city would take some convincing; the extent of their stay at the best hotels in Athens would merely include a brief bucket-list visit to the Acropolis before scurrying off to the Greek islands. As far as we’re concerned, the ancient city has always been more than its cultural landmarks, but the recent advent of new hotels and trendy restaurants is signaling a watershed moment for Athens tourism. With a creative spirit wafting through the historic city center and extending into some of its bohemian neighborhoods, such as Kolonaki and Psyrri, and even to its seafront, international travelers are finally giving Athens a second glance.


Why Your Big Sister Resents You
“Eldest daughter syndrome” assumes that birth order shapes who we are and how we interact. Does it?

In a TikTok video that has been watched more than 6 million times, Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Monica, Calif., lists signs that she says can be indicative of “eldest daughter syndrome.”
Among them: an intense feeling of familial responsibility, people-pleasing tendencies and resentment toward your siblings and parents.
On X, a viral post asks: “are u happy or are u the oldest sibling and also a girl”?
Firstborn daughters are having a moment in the spotlight, at least online, with memes and think pieces offering a sense of gratification to responsible, put-upon big sisters everywhere.


Audiobooks to Lull You to Sleep
No, they’re not boring. But the charm and magic of these audiobooks make them the ideal bedtime stories for adults.

As any insomniac knows, the world can be a lonely place when you’re the last one awake. Why not download an audiobook for company? The breezy appeal of these mellifluous romances and fantastical adventures can whisk the widest-eyed night owl straight to dreamland.


The 19th-Century Selfie Pioneer
Before Instagram influencers, there was Hippolyte Bayard

More than 160 years before smartphones and selfie sticks allowed even the most inexperienced shutterbug to snap a photo of themselves, Hippolyte Bayard was turning his camera on himself.
The year was 1840. Several competing photographic processes had just been made public for the first time the year before, effectively introducing the medium of photography to the world. Bayard, a bureaucrat who worked at the Ministry of Finance in Paris and took pictures on weekends or his lunch hour, was one of the first photographers to practice the art of the self-portrait.


9 Kitchen Staples That Repel Common Pests Like Ants, Spiders, and More
Your kitchen pantry has everything you need to deter the bugs that like to invade your home.

No home, no matter how much cleaning you do inside or out, is immune to common pests like ants, spiders, or moths. But before you call in a professional pest control company, try raiding your kitchen pantry for natural ways to rid your home of pests. You might be surprised to learn that you have everything you need right at your disposal without having to purchase commercial chemical products to do the job. Below, we spoke with cleaning experts to learn about some of the natural methods they use to deter pests from coming inside.


This All-villa Property in Europe Is So Remote You Have to Hike to It — and It’s on a UNESCO-protected Island
Lace up your boots, as this remote property requires a hike in.

Roughly 1,000 miles off the coast of Portugal sprawl the Azores, a remote, nine-island volcanic archipelago that’s a world away from the European mainland. Within the island chain is São Jorge, a UNESCO-protected isle with tall cliffs that drop dramatically to flat extensions of land that stretch from the base of the cliffs to the ocean. These unique oceanside plains, called fajãs, were originally created by lava or landslides and are the setting of São Jorge’s most recent addition: Fajã Do Belo.

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