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Posted on April 29, 2024


Luke Newton, known for his role as Colin in BRIDGERTON, is the new star of the show in Season 3, premiering May 16th. In an exclusive interview with INSTYLE, Newton talks about his character’s glow-up, steamy scenes with co-star Nicola Coughlan, and getting emotional on camera. He also shares Regé-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey’s advice after handing down the lead-role baton. 





On sex scenes with Nicola Coughlan: “I think for [Colin], particularly as [he and Penelope] get closer, it’s more meaningful,” Newton says, explaining that their connection is more about letting down their guards than a hot-and-heavy exchange. “It’s less of a physical thing. It’s more just stripping back the ego and being completely open, honest, gentle, and not having to feel like he has to be the man around town sort of thing.”

 Newton says it can be “nerve-racking” to take off your clothes in front of a cast and crew that has become more like family than coworkers, however, they eventually got used to just “portraying another version of love and intimacy.”

 Newton wanted it to be apparent that Colin could be his “quirky, lovable, and kind self” when he was with Penelope—something that he feels should be reflected in real-life relationships, as well. “Everyone wants to be themselves,” he says. “I always think you want to be [able to be] the true version of yourself [with the] person you want to be with and not be ashamed to be that.”

 On his journey and glow-up on Bridgerton“It’s been four years in this role. I’d never led a show before, and it feels like I sort of grew up on this show now,” he adds. “It was nice to see someone do it so well.”

 “[Colin’s glow-up] was a real long process and then we came up with the final look that everyone was happy with,” Newton says. “I really felt like Laura [Sim], who’s my makeup artist, and Erika [Okvist], the hair and makeup designer on season 2 and 3, welcomed me into the conversation. I started growing my hair and my sideburns, and [at] the premiere of season 2, Erika came up to me and said, ‘Grow your hair from now, let’s see what we can do with sideburns.’”

 On Regé-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey’s advice before the premiere: 

Regé-Jean Page advised him to take a “big holiday before all the madness starts.” 

 “[Regé] sort of grabbed me, gave me a big hug and was like, ‘Are you ready for this, bro?’ Johnny’s been there kind of the whole way for me […] “We talk all the time, and it was really nice in season 2 seeing how he conducted himself on set knowing that I’d be next.” 

On his relationship with Nicola Coughlan: “As soon as we met on season 1, we just hit it off straight away. We were learning the jig, which is in act 1 of season 1. She knew a lot more about the rest of the books than I did,” he says, adding that he only reads each book before the corresponding season, so as to not inform his interpretation too much. Coughlan was the one to break the news that she was Whistledown. “She was like, ‘You know, I’m Whistledown.’ And I was like, ‘What? I haven’t got to that yet!’”


[Photo Credit: Ryan Pfluger/InStyle Magazine]

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