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PinLucia Restaurant – Harrogate, England


Let’s be all posh today, darlings. It’s WEDNESDAY and that somehow seems appropriate to us. Plant your behind on some pink velvet in join your fellow kittens in spending the day procrastinating like your life depended on it.


Jeremy Allen White in Talks to Play Bruce Springsteen in Movie About ‘Nebraska’ Album From Gotham Group; A24 Circling
The film is an adaptation of Warren Zanes’ 2023 book “Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.” It will follow Springsteen and the journey of making his sixth studio album, a dark, stripped-down collection of songs that marked a new artistic direction from the “Born to Run” rocker. Springsteen recorded “Nebraska” on four-track cassette in his New Jersey bedroom a few years before he and the E Street Band would release “Born in the U.S.A.”


The Untold History of Cabaret: Revived and Kicking
As Broadway welcomes the ever-evolving musical, its star, Eddie Redmayne—along with Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, and Sam Mendes—assess its enduring power.

The revival of Cabaret—starring Eddie Redmayne as the creepy yet seductive Emcee; Gayle Rankin as the gin-swilling nightclub singer Sally Bowles; and Bebe Neuwirth as Fraulein Schneider, a landlady struggling to scrape by—opens April 21 at Manhattan’s August Wilson Theatre. It will do so in the shadow of a pogrom not seen since the Einsatzgruppen slaughtered thousands of Jews in Eastern Europe and in the shadow of a war between Israel and Hamas that continues into its fifth month, with the killing of thousands of civilians in Gaza.
Nearly 60 years after its debut, Cabaret still stings. That is its brilliance. And its tragedy.


Netflix’s Eric, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is an emotional thriller that will stay with you
It’s written by The Split and Suffragette Abi Morgan, and it’s a hell of a story.

Tissues at the ready: emotional thriller Netflix series Eric – starring Benedict Cumberbatch – is about to hit us all hard.
Set against the backdrop of the 1980s AIDs epidemic and our protagonist’s pain at his child going missing, we’re predicting many, many tears.
The six-part TV series was written by playwright and screenwriter Abi Morgan, who recently released the incredible, bestselling This Is Not A Pity Memoir and has written the scripts of TV and movie gold such as Suffragette, The Split, Brick Lane, The Iron Lady and Shame.
So with those credits to her name, we’re pretty sure Eric is going to be pretty special.


As the child of older parents, I have my own view on having children later in life like Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden – and you may not agree
Women should be allowed to have children whenever they want. But what about the child’s perspective?

Cameron Diaz has become a mother for the second time at the age of 51. On 22nd March, the actor announced the birth of her son, Cardinal Madden, with her husband Benji Madden, 45, with whom she already shares four-year-old daughter Raddix.
As is always the case when a woman has a child after the grand old age of 35 – once nauseatingly referred to as ‘geriatric pregnancy’, now dubbed ‘advanced maternal age’, which I’m not sure is much better – the comments criticising Diaz came flooding in.


49 half-up half-down hairstyles that we’re adding to our rotation
Hello volume and length.

Half-up half-down hairstyles are everywhere we look: on the red carpet, on the runway, on our for you page and on the girl’s in our office. They’ve always been popular, but now that hair accessories (and the hair bow in particular) is having a moment, it feels like the style has exploded.
It’s easy to see why. The style is a total crowd-pleaser when you can’t decide between an updo or keeping your hair loose, because it blends the best of both. You get to keep the length, but half-up hairstyles also give you the opportunity to experiment with a little bit of oomph at the crown.


Diversity is much-needed in the perfume world, but change is coming
The fragrance industry has been dominated by Western players.

A perfume’s juice behaves without boundaries or barriers, so why can’t the fragrance industry unapologetically do so, too?
Perfume uses the most decadent ingredients from across the globe to create a bottled masterpiece – sandalwood from India, ylang-ylang from the Philippines and oud from the Middle East. But while the wider beauty industry has made strides towards inclusion – from foundation shades that cater for different skin tones to a more diverse talent pool – perfume remains beauty’s untapped arm that can benefit from blossoming in diversity.


19 best hotels in Puglia for summer 2024
The destination of the summer.

Cast your mind back twenty years, and Puglia was rarely ventured to. Tuscany, yes – but Puglia? It was yet to mature. This side of the millennium, though, and everyone from Alexa Chung to Jack Guinness and the Beckhams have fallen in love with its unique landscape, lush olive groves and turquoise waters. Just as pretty as the Amalfi Coast and as warm as Tuscany – but more discreet – Puglia is located on the southernmost tip of Italy, and has a unique culture all of its own.


Rebel Wilson says Sacha Baron Cohen is a ‘massive a**hole’ in new memoir
Ahead of her forthcoming memoir Rebel Rising, Rebel alleged that the Borat star has attempted to block press on her book.

Rebel Wilson’s “no asshole policy” apparently extends beyond Cats (2019). In a recent Instagram story, the actor shared which heretofore unnamed A-lister and former co-star she calls a “massive a**hole” in her forthcoming memoir, Rebel Rising: none other than Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, whom Rebel says has tried to prevent press on her book from coming out.
Per The Guardian, Rebel shared her distaste for the English actor via Instagram in the wee hours of Monday, March 25. “I will not be bullied or silenced by high priced lawyers or PR crisis managers,” read Wilson’s Instagram story. “The “a**hole” that I am talking about in ONE CHAPTER of my book is: Sacha Baron Cohen.”


In 2024, Country Is Cooler and More American Than Ever
From Beyoncé to Pharrell, country’s cultural renaissance is right on time.

On her latest single, Louisiana native and country music darling Lainey Wilson sings it best: “Country’s cool again.” Whether it’s Beyoncé two-stepping her way to the top of the charts or cowboy couture and Western wear dominating the runways at Paris Fashion Week, country is undeniably back in vogue. But this yee-haw resurgence transcends the stereotypes to reflect a deeper, more complex interpretation of modern Americana. For decades, country music has been a path for pop artists to broaden their audience and sharpen their songwriting skills.


How to Handle Restaurant Screw-Ups Like a Grown-Up
Before you start yelling or Yelping, there’s a better way to deal.

Everyone is entitled to make a mistake here and there. We’re all imperfect human beings just doing our best and when we flub something, we hope the consequences aren’t dire. Being served in a restaurant is fraught with the possibility of mistakes, but they can happen. They might be small enough to make very little difference or big enough to really affect your life, so how best to handle them as a customer? It all depends on the situation and how the restaurant reacts.


An Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Treat Is Coming to Stores Nationwide
You don’t need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get it.

Star Wars fans, rejoice: There’s no need to travel to Tatooine to get a hold of a glass of Blue Milk in time for May the 4th. Starting on April 17, the iconic beverage will be available for the first time in grocery stores across the country.
Star Wars TruMoo Blue Milk is a part of Lucasfilm’s ”Imperial March” — a celebration of all things Star Wars in the weeks leading up to May 4th. The date, which became an unofficial holiday for fans, is a pun on the signature catchphrase: “May the force be with you.”


Martha Stewart’s Viral Chicken-Lobster Dinner Is an Actual French Dish
It’s a modern take on a 19th-century French recipe.

It’s chobster season!
At least, if you’re Martha Stewart. The queen of domesticity and Instagram thirst traps entranced her followers last week when she posted a frankenfood creation straight out of, well, Manhattan.
The roast poultry stuffed with lobster, bright red claws protruding out of the golden roasted wings, a lobster head and its flimsy antennae extending from where the chicken’s head once was, and a tail curling out of the tuchus captivated the internet. And for good reason.


The Best Places to Visit in Spain
Spain contains multitudes—seriously. Spanning 17 autonomous regions and two small enclaves in North Africa, the country is a cradle of diverse cultures, geography, traditions, even languages. And while there’s nothing wrong with a sun-and-sangria holiday, there’s so much more to see and do: embark on a luxury train ride across Spain’s mountainous north, go on a wine and architecture pilgrimage in Rioja, discover the sleepy side of Ibiza, and travel back in time to Andalucía’s Moorish past. The landscapes are just as diverse—from Lanzarote’s lunar lava plains to the lush archipelago of Islas Cíes and the stunning rock formations in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve (Europe’s only desert!).


The Best Musicals of All Time, According to Vogue
People say that you’re either into musical movies, or you’re not—but perhaps those in the latter group have simply never seen the very best examples from the genre. Ever since Hollywood’s first musical film was released nearly a century ago, in 1927 (The Jazz Singer), they’ve captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire helped to further popularize the form in the ’30s, after which came a Golden Age of musicals during which silver-screen renditions of Broadway hits (My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Gigi) proved their box-office mettle all over again. But what makes a musical movie one of the best of all time? Among other things: a story that one generation eagerly introduces to the next, a memorable soundtrack, and a sense of magic that can’t be recaptured in a remake (unless it’s by Steven Spielberg, that is).


Why Does Every Southern Accent in a Movie Sound So Bad?
Even good actors, from Margaret Qualley to Daniel Craig, are always talking in put-upon drawls.

There are drawls, and then there are twangs, accented vowels that are compounded into two or three, sometimes changing the pace of speech, other times not. Rural and urban neighbors who have lived a short drive from one another for a lifetime might sound nothing alike. But in the movies, we split into two: Southern and not.
There are fine actors performing and perfecting this dialect of inorganic Southern speak, drifting further from the communities they have been paid, often handsomely, to emulate. The cartoonish Southerner can feel like the product of a closed conversation between outsiders, people whose claim to the region is summers spent under weeping willows in the well-to-do parts of Charleston, S.C.


What Is a Drug Jar?
When packaging medicine was an art

Did you know that drug stores once displayed museum-quality art? In the middle ages, during the early days of over-the-counter medicine, drugs were kept in ornately-decorated storage containers called drug jars.
If you needed Oil of Earthworms for your joint pain, or tincture of hare’s bladder for your cataracts, you’d find it in the large, brightly decorated drug jars on shelves in the apothecary/pharmacy on your high street.
Unable to read? No worries, the drug jars often displayed beautiful imagery representing what ailed you, painted right on the jar by a talented artisan.


The Right Way to Clean Your Dishwasher for Optimal Efficiency
A dishwasher that’s properly cleaned will function more efficiently—and likely last longer, too.

Your dishwasher works hard to keep your serveware, cookware, drinkware, and other kitchen essentials clean. In the process, it can build up with food particles, grease, and soap scum, which may lead to reduced cleaning efficiency and can even potentially damage the appliance. Regular cleaning helps expand the lifespan of this appliance and ensures your dishes come out sparkling.


You Don’t Need a Garden to Grow Garlic—Here’s How to Do It Indoors
Add a pot of this allium to your windowsill or plant it in your outdoor garden.

Growing garlic indoors is a great option for gardeners who don’t have room to plant the allium outside. While it can be challenging to grow a head of garlic inside, many gardeners have success growing scapes, which are the green tops of a bulb. Garlic greens are very delicious and can be used as a seasoning or garnish. However, with proper care, it is possible to grow bulbs of garlic from the comfort of your home. It’s important for garlic to have access to bright light when growing indoors. This will give you the best chance at growing scapes—and potentially full bulbs.


I’ve Lived in North Carolina My Whole Life, and These Are the Most Underrated Destinations in the State
A North Carolina local shares some hidden gems in the Tar Heel State.

Compared to many other U.S. states, North Carolina is not particularly large, but it is deceptively wide. We Tar Heels often use the phrase “from Murphy to Manteo” — extreme western and eastern towns — when referring to something statewide. (The distance between the two is about 8.5 hours by car.)
One of the top benefits of living in such a broad state is its proximity to diverse geographic features. From my home, I can be relaxing in the sun on the coast in less than three hours, or head in the opposite direction and follow a waterfall trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains in just a little more. And with the Uwharrie Mountains on one end and the Sandhill peach farm on the other, I don’t have to leave my own county to experience the best of both worlds.

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