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Posted on March 25, 2024


PinEmbu Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental – Singapore

Well, here we are again, kittens. MONDAY. Might as well make the best for it. Hop on a virtual jet and meet us in virtual Singapore for a long, lazy lunch in green and serene space. We’re already here and we’ve roped off a section for us. We’ll save you a seat.


Prince William and Kate Middleton Release First Joint Statement Since Cancer Announcement
The royal couple is “enormously touched” by the outpouring of support following Princess Catherine’s Friday video.

On Saturday, Kensington Palace—which handles communications for the Prince and Princess of Wales, among other members of the royal family—sent a new message into the world acknowledging that sudden turn in the public tide.
“The Prince and Princess are both enormously touched by the kind messages from people here in the U.K., across the Commonwealth and around the world in response to Her Royal Highness’ message,” the statement read.


Karen Pittman Exits ‘And Just Like That…’ Ahead Of Season 3 Of Max Series
“It has been a joy to have Karen Pittman play the smart and stunning Professor Nya Wallace on the first two seasons of And Just Like That…,” a spokesperson for Max said in a statement to Deadline. “As we have thoroughly enjoyed working with this dynamic actress, so too have others. Due to her commitments to two other streamer series, it has become apparent that filming three shows at once isn’t possible. Due to the production realities, we are disappointed to announce that scheduling conflicts will not allow us to continue with this character as part of season 3 of And Just Like That… Karen and Nya will be missed, and her Max family and fans will all be cheering her on in her other endeavors.”


Laura Dern on Bringing Palm Royale From Page to Screen
Dern was initially set to play Kristen Wiig’s character, Maxine, but pandemic-related delays led the team to write an entirely new character for her

Bringing Palm Royale to television took Laura Dern years.
The process began when Katie O’Connell Marsh, then the CEO of Platform Media, passed along a copy of Mr. & Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel to Dern and her producing partner, Jayme Lemons. “She thought there might be something in it that we may respond to, and she was right,” Lemons tells T&C. “We read the book and found the world to be completely delicious; the women to be dynamic and complicated. We saw in it the opportunity to springboard out of the book, and maybe create a larger world around it.”


“I Always Overpack & I Never Apologise”: How Dakota Fanning Embraced La Dolce Vita During Ripley’s Six-Month Shoot In Italy
Before a day of filming Ripley – Steven Zaillian’s upcoming Netflix retelling of Patricia Highsmith’s Italy-set 1955 novel The Talented Mr Ripley – Dakota Fanning (who plays Marge Sherwood, the character immortalised by Gwyneth Paltrow in the 1999 film) would begin her day with a “hike up the ruins of Villa Jovis every morning”. For six months, the 30-year-old and her costars, Andrew Scott and Johnny Flynn, traversed Italian hotspots – shooting scenes in Rome, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and back to Rome again.


49 different-coloured nails and mismatched nail ideas worth copying
Why wear one shade when you can wear them all?

As we enter spring (finally!), you may well be looking for ways to refresh your mani for the new season. Which could explain the influx of different-coloured nails and mismatched nail ideas popping up on our Instagram Explore page. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that we’re so impatient for the temperatures to warm up that we’re turning to nail designs for a little heat. No matter the reason, there’s no denying an eclectic approach to manis is a trend that’s hot right now.


75 Essential Feminist Movies You Need to See
Let’s hear it for the girls

Feminism isn’t a trend. Or a movement. Or a slap in every man’s face. It’s simply the continued push for equality. And over the decades, legions of inspiring women have shaped feminism, insisting that it is a woman’s right to do whatever the fuck she wants to do. Their stories—offering everything from sisterhood tales and solidarity epics, to intersectional perspectives and empowerment narratives—don’t always get the attention they deserve. But when they do, we notice.


Rebel Wilson Says Sacha Baron Cohen Is the “A**hole” That Allegedly Tried to Stop Her Writing About Him in Memoir
The Aussie actress had earlier claimed that an unnamed star had hired “a crisis PR manager and lawyers” to “threaten” her over a chapter in her book, ‘Rebel Rising.’

Rebel Wilson has revealed that her Grimsby co-star Sacha Baron Cohen is the previously unnamed Hollywood “asshole” that is allegedly attempting to stop her writing about him in her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising.
Last week, in an Instagram post, Wilson revealed that she intended to dedicate a whole chapter in her book to “a massive asshole” she had previously worked with in Hollywood, although she didn’t reveal the person’s name, the project they worked on together or provide any further details.


Four years later, Gen Z say their generation was most affected by lockdowns
Young people tend to think lockdown changed them for the better, not the worse.

With four years of hindsight from the first lockdown, it’s becoming clear that the lockdowns had a serious impact both mentally and physically on us all — but it seems that young people may have been more affected than anyone.
New research from the National Trust has found that more than half of young people feel that their education was negatively impacted by lockdown, with many citing notable gaps in their education.


The healthiest breakfast option that’s super quick and simple, according to a top nutritionist
It’s delicious and calls for just five ingredients.

We know there are plenty of choices for breakfast (pancakes, you will always have our heart), but sometimes, we can’t help but crave something a bit, well, healthier. Not to mention something that will properly fuel us for the rest of our day.
Breakfast is usually a speedy affair. This is especially the case during the week when we’re focused on getting to work on time (preferably with some energy to spare). On the weekend, we’re more likely to crave a hearty – often bottomless – brunch with plenty of pastries to choose from. But this can often leave us feeling a bit bloated, which isn’t exactly ideal.


21 best long-lasting perfumes that linger all day
Powerful scents that last.

Long-lasting perfumes – despite hefty marketing claims – are surprisingly hard to come by. Yet a perfume’s longevity is one of its most important qualities. Aside from an aesthetically pleasing bottle and a unique blend of notes, there’s nothing quite like a good perfume that still lingers on your clothes for hours on end.
TBH, longevity is one of (if not the most) important criteria by which we judge any beauty product to determine whether it’s actually worth the fuss. Whether it’s a foundation that won’t separate after nine hours of wear or a lipstick that won’t budge after a whole day in the office, we always tend to gravitate towards products that can stand the test of time. Naturally, when it comes to picking a perfume, it’s only fair that we’re hoping that it scores well in this department too.


Ultimate Bridal Inspiration: The Most Notable Celebrity Wedding Dresses
It could be said that celebrities understand the power of a really great dress more than most, which makes their bridal choices all the more significant. From Sofia Richie’s Chanel to Victoria Beckham’s Vera Wang, ELLE chooses the best celebrity wedding dresses.

In recent years, Sofia Richie and Chloë Sevigny’s bridal wardrobes have inspired a generation to lean into wedding dresses that are not only plentiful but full of personality and personal preference, which can be found in both the classic and the contemporary. It’s just up to the bride to decide which, or opt do both.
Then, there’s the eternal allure of wedding looks that have stood the test of time. Priscilla Presley’s 1967 dress (and veil!) springs to mind and so does Bianca Jagger’s white suit worn for her 1971 nuptials, both of which continue to inspire today. The one thing that celebrity wedding dresses have in common is that each comes with a unique story that’s full of sentiment.


Buyers Are Willing to Pay Over 500 Dollars for This Super Rare Coffee — Here’s How to Try It
Sometimes, an ordinary cup of Joe just doesn’t cut it.

Walk into any gourmet coffee roastery, and you’ll see no shortage of claims that their beans are award-winning, the best of the best, or exceptionally rare.
But when it comes to Bourbon Pointu, an Arabica coffee that buyers are willing to pay nearly 500 Euros per kilo for, those claims may actually be true.


We Can’t Stop Recommending These Three Rosés for Red Wine Drinkers
These crowd-pleasing wines bridge the gap between red wine and rosé drinkers with ease.

The characteristics that make chilled red wines so popular, like higher acidity, low levels of tannins, and fruit-forwardness are equally present in deeper pigmented rosés. Unfortunately, negative stereotypes about quality and sweetness continue to plague rosés that present darker in color than the consumer-friendly salmon pink.
The truth is, if you frequently reach for chillable reds, you’ll likely fall in love with darker-hued rosés, too — and the pros agree.


Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Where to Go, How to View It, and What to Eat
Just please don’t look directly at it.

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will travel through a large section of the United States, bringing everything to a halt for at least a few minutes as we collectively look up in awe. Not quite prepared for the eclipse? That’s ok. Here’s what you need to know about the 2024 eclipse, along with a few tasty snacks to enjoy during the event.


Krispy Kreme Hatches 4 New Pastel-Colored Mini Doughnuts in Time for Easter
And one of them is topped with a pair of Cadbury eggs.

No one likes celebrating upcoming holidays or the change of seasons like Krispy Kreme. In the past two months, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based doughnut chain has released red heart-shaped doughnuts for Valentine’s Day, tiny little footballs for the Super Bowl, and it covered its iconic Original Glazed doughnuts in green icing to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend.
Now it’s welcoming spring — a season that officially began on Tuesday, March 19 — by revealing four new limited-edition mini-doughnuts. The four doughnuts all feature soft pastel icing or pastel sprinkles, or both.


A blogger who’s been to every US state at least 3 times picked his 6 favorites— and 4 he wouldn’t go out of his way to visit again
There’s well-traveled, and then there’s Lee Abbamonte.
Abbamonte, a 45-year-old travel writer based in California, says he’s the youngest person to visit every country in the world and the North and South Poles. He’s also visited all 50 US states at least three times each and all of America’s 63 national parks. […] As a nature lover, Abbamonte prefers states with diverse topographies and many outdoor activities. He loves Colorado for its mountain towns but thinks North Dakota is too hard to get to.


An Easter Loaf Baked With Fruit, Spices and Caribbean Sun
This classic Jamaican treat is bold, bright and vibrant, and central to the holiday.

For many Jamaicans, spice bun is a staple of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter marked by prayer, penitence and restraint, for those observing. But there’s nothing restrictive about this baked good, so named for its bold seasonings.
Colloquially referred to as “bun,” this quick bread — in the shape of either an oblong loaf or an oval bun — is spice-forward and forgiving, its big tastes easily extracted from a few easy-to-find ingredients.


Why Are Restaurants Filling Up With Fake Flowers? Ask This Guy.
They’re popping up all over the dining world: huge, elaborate arrangements of faux blossoms and plants — many of them the work of one enterprising man.

Marigolds don’t generally thrive in 30-degree weather. Yet on a cool March afternoon, they bloomed in golden bunches outside Bungalow, a new Indian restaurant in the East Village. The petals appeared perky and thriving, as did the man, Carlos Franqui, expertly twisting them into a colorful archway that crawled around the entrance.
How had Mr. Franqui so deftly defied nature? The question seemed to vex the many passers-by who stopped to gape. Then one woman bent down to take a sniff, and discovered the flowers’ secret: They were fake.


Ready, Set, Garçon! Paris Waiters Race as Storied Contest Returns
Contestants rushed through the streets with croissant-laden trays in a moment for the French capital to showcase its cafe culture ahead of the Summer Olympics.

On Sunday, for the first time in over a decade, Paris revived a tradition: an annual race of cafe and restaurant waiters. About 200 men and women swerved, jostled and jogged 1.2 miles through the city streets, which were lined with cheering crowds. The rules were simple: No running, and reach the finish line with laden trays intact with a croissant, a glass of tap water and a small coffee cup.


The 10 Pop-Music Documentaries I Most Wish Someone Would Make
Music movies are having a moment — if, indeed, they ever stopped having one. Take the pop-music biopic. There are times, like right now, when it surges in popularity, yet the form has never gone out of style. And music documentaries, a staple of the indie-film world, have only proliferated in the streaming era. This means they have to compete for visibility, but a ton of them are getting made and (mostly) getting seen. They’ve become a happy epidemic.


Olivia Colman slams Hollywood pay gap: ‘If I was Oliver Colman, I’d be earning a f— of a lot more’
The Oscar winner says she is no exception to the wage disparity between men and women that persists across the industry.

Ahead of her latest film, Wicked Little Letters, the actress and producer opened up about the wage disparity that persists throughout the industry during a recent appearance on CNN’s The Amanpour Hour.
“Don’t get me started on the pay disparity, but male actors get paid more because they used to say they drew in the audiences,” The Crown star said. “And actually, that hasn’t been true for decades, but they still like to use that as a reason to not pay women as much as their male counterparts.”


Regina King says sharing the screen with sister Reina for the first time in Shirley was ‘a long time coming’
From sharing Shirley Chisholm’s story to working alongside her sister, the Netflix biopic was a deeply personal project for the Oscar-winner.

The film was a personal project for the actress, both in terms of its story and cast. Her sister Reina stars as Chisholm’s sister, Muriel St. Hill. marking the first time the real-life siblings have appeared opposite each other on screen. “We did our share of acting as little girls, but this is the first time on screen, big or small, together, so it was a long time coming,” she explains.


Here’s How Long Balsamic Vinegar Lasts—and the Right Way to Store It
If you invest in good balsamic and store it properly, you can expect to use this magical ingredient for years to come.

Whether drizzled over vanilla ice cream, splashed in soups, or used as a dip for bread, balsamic vinegar turns everyday dishes into delicious feasts. Simply put, balsamic vinegar is magic. Invest in a quality bottle, store it well, and it’ll be your secret ingredient for years to come. Here’s what you need to know to protect that investment and make your balsamic vinegar last.


The Easiest Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances
Keep your oven, dishwasher, microwave, and other stainless steel appliances gleaming.

Stainless steel appliances are popular in the kitchen because of the sleek, modern look they bring to the space. However, they generally show spills and fingerprints more easily than some of their glossier counterparts—which is why maintaining a cleaning routine is a must. To help, we’re sharing our best stainless steel cleaning tips that will keep everything from your dishwasher to your refrigerator sparkling.


Why Bay Leaves Are Essential in Everything From Curry to Dessert
Often overlooked or misunderstood, bay leaves are a vital ingredient in so many dishes.

Ask a chef what some of the most overlooked but often-used ingredients are, and you’ll hear bay leaves topping the list time and time again. This versatile herb is in so many recipes but may be neglected or misunderstood by home cooks. If you have a jar of bay leaves on your spice rack that you rarely use, it’s time to take it down—you should be adding this powerhouse ingredient to soups, braises, curries, and even desserts. Learn more about bay leaves, including how to incorporate them into your cooking, according to experts.


This Lush Island Is the Birthplace of Polynesian Culture — and Has One of the World’s Rarest Flowers, Epic Snorkelling, and a Lagoon with Crystal Clear Waters
Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the French Polynesian island of Ra’iātea.

As the first populated island in French Polynesia, Ra’iātea holds a special meaning in Polynesian history. If its monikers — the “sacred island” and “the birthplace of Polynesia” — are not enough to convince you, its original name was Havai’i Nui, after the mythic Hawaiki. (In Polynesian mythology, Hawaiki is the original homeland of all Polynesian people and in Māori culture, it is also the place where the soul of the deceased returns.)
Ra’iātea, which in Tahitian means “sky with soft light,” was the cradle of Polynesian cultural and political life. It is where voyagers began settling expeditions to New Zealand, Hawai’i, and other Polynesian islands.



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