FERRARI Star Penélope Cruz Covers V Magazine’s New Spring Issue

Posted on March 01, 2024

Introducing V MAGAZINE’s latest issue V147, covering Penélope Cruz. The Spanish actor and one of Hollywood’s ultimate forces returns to the pages of V, 13 years after her last cover—this time, transforming for the lens of photographer Jack Bridgland, styled by Gro Curtis. Following the release of her latest film FERRARI, Penélope sat down with her friend Dua Lipa to talk about the making of the buzzy new film, their mutual friend, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, and memories from last year’s Met Gala.






“When I was a little girl, I was praying to be able to do this job, ‘Just let me do it. Please God, let me do this enough so [that] I can make a living out of it.’ Everything else that is happening is like an extra that I never asked for. I could not afford to dream about that.” – Penélope Cruz

“It was one more case of a woman living in the shadow of men and that being approved and supported by all of society. I felt a feel for revenge. Looking around and seeing that there are so many women around the world, living very similar situations, I think for Michael and I, it became like a personal necessity to give this woman a voice because she represents so many others today.” – Penélope Cruz

“In my career, [dreaming] has been like the biggest engine, because I didn’t [know] people who could make a living out of something related to the arts in general. I didn’t know anybody. Also, my parents didn’t know anybody. It was like, it was too big of a dream. The fact that I’m making a living out of this has to do so much—apart from being grateful for all the people that have given me opportunities—with putting it out there, and dreaming about the dream. Creating, dreaming.” – Penélope Cruz

“When I met him, I was 17 or 18, and he didn’t cast me because I was too young for that role. But I told him, ‘Pedro, I used to think about you and have this feeling that I was going to see you, [like] you go to a cinema in the center of Madrid—and at the end of the movie, I will go out and [you] would be there.’ At the beginning, I know he didn’t believe me. When he saw that things started to happen between him and I—[we had] this huge connection. He told me, ‘I will write a character for you for another movie.’ And then he did.” – Penélope Cruz

Photography: Jack Bridgland
Interview: Dua Lipa
Fashion Direction: Gro Curtis
Creative Direction / Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Gan
Makeup: Mary Phillips
Hair: Pablo Iglesias

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of V Magazine]/em>

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