Red Carpet Rundown: Dior’s J’adore As Seen By Jean-Michel Othoniel Event

Posted on September 08, 2023


We are loving how creative everyone’s getting in the matter of ensuring that celebrities have somewhere to go during this trying time. In other words, what the hell is the “Dior J’adore As Seen By Jean-Michel Othoniel” event? Who cares? We’ve got stars in borrowed good posing awkwardly, darlings! All is right with the world. Let’s judge their dreary efforts.



Alexandra Daddario

This looks great on her and we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t on most other wearers. She’s really well suited for a high-fashion Leia take.



Surprisingly cute and well put together, if a little unexpectedly conventional.



Charlize Theron

It’s hard to even look at a sweater given the weather outside our windows, but this is chic and a little unusual. It looks good on her.


Julianne Hough

It’s okay. Feels kind of severe without enough of a payoff for it, if that makes any sense. Blandly severe.



Lana Condor

We keep seeing vest/no shirt with big pants lately. Can’t say we mind. It seems to be widely flattering and hard to get wrong. She looks cute.


Lucy Hale

We might like this more if the print wasn’t kind of ugly. And also if the hem was higher. And also if the shoes weren’t so overdesigned. What we’re trying to say is that we don’t like this.


Maddie Ziegler

The dress is cute enough but the shoes are weird and the bag doesn’t go with it.



Meghann Fahy

Can’t argue with any of that. She looks pretty great.


Natalia Dyer

It’s like the state of being depressed in fashion form.



Rachel Brosnahan

We’re not loving the whole “my blouse has come undone” thing Dior seems to be going through at the moment.


Stephanie Hsu

A print! Our eyes are very happy to see this after that collection of dour looks. If this is Dior, she made a really smart pull. If it’s not Dior, good for her.


[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Parfums Christian Dior]

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