Virginia Gardner and Dylan Sprouse at the BEAUTIFUL DISASTER Madrid Premiere

Posted on March 30, 2023

The stars of a film we have no intention of seeing – but we wish it well! Promise! – stepped out onto the red carpet at the Madrid premiere and to their credit, they also stepped up to the occasion.


In other words, Virginia Gardiner and Dylan Sprouse served up low-key prom at the premiere of Beautiful Disaster.


Virginia Gardner

There are no wheels being reinvented here, but this is elegant and classic. It’s got an old school ingenue feel to it but with a chic sense of restraint. We think the heavy makeup really works as a way of keeping the focus on her face and using the dress’s somewhat basic design as a frame or backdrop. The earrings are gorgeous. We don’t love the hair only because it’s become such a ubiquitous style on the red carpet lately.

Dylan Sprouse

Why is his suit so tight? We appreciate that he opted not to follow the current big suit trend, but this just looks like he outgrew it. The white t-shirt isn’t helping. The blue boots are too interesting for the rest of the outfit. Your eye goes straight to them.




We could not be further from the intended demo for this film. Enjoy, het kids!


[Photo Credit: Sean Thornton/Cover Images – Video Credit: Voltage Pictures/YouTube]

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