Costume Designers Guild Awards 2023 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 02, 2023

We felt the need to single out DCGA attendee Cate Blanchett for a little spotlight time and some mild ridicule, but she wasn’t the only star to show her appreciation for all of those hard-working costume designers who make the stars look good, powerful, hot and/or interesting. The theme/hashtag for the evening was #NakedWithoutUs, a sharp, on point, slightly biting reminder to everyone in the industry that there are artists, craftspeople and technicians who do the incredible and essential work of creating visual characters for actors to inhabit.


Angela Bassett in Moschino

She is CLEARLY feeling this look and we don’t blame her one bit. It may be our favorite of her awards season ensembles. LOVE the hat. People should wear more hats on red carpets, don’t you think?


Ashley Park in Gaurav Gupta

She seems to love these sexy gowns with insane high drama to them. We don’t love the cutout, but the color looks gorgeous and the sweep of the skirt can’t fail to deliver impact. Still, it’s all very twisted, isn’t it? A bit more than we’d like.


Austin Butler in Valentino

The sheer shirt is a nice variation, but we’re tired of the Sleazy Chic shtick.



Bette Midler in Alexander McQueen

Gorgeous. It has just a hint of the kind of exuberance that’s been her trademark for half a century, but it has an elegant restraint to it. Love the earrings.


Christina Ricci in Raisa Vanessa

That is some serious hot girl shit. She’s really well suited to ’40s style gowns. The color looks fantastic and we don’t even mind the cutouts. The birds are an eye-catching element, but we think they’re a little overdone or oversized.



Elizabeth Debicki in Schiaparelli

As we noted recently, she goes for the highest impact with the least amount of effort behind it. The gown is gorgeous, but we wish she’d done something – anything – with her hair.



Greg Tarzan Davis in Willy Chavarria

This is an objectively silly outfit, but we can’t bring ourselves to hate it. It’s too bold and outrageous for us to get all huffy about it. Good for him. We’re amazed at how unwrinkled it all is.



Hunter Schafer in Prada

The ultimate red carpet rarity: a genuinely interesting sheer dress. While we appreciate that the design skips the usual visible panty element, we’re nut sure that lining situation works as well as it could. Still, the “over dress” is pretty. We’d love to see it with a less distracting lining.


[Photo Credit: FAYES VISION/ Images]

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