Idris Elba and Cynthia Erivo at the LUTHER: THE FALLEN SUN London Premiere

Posted on March 02, 2023

Idris Elba and Cynthia Erivo hit the red carpet to celebrate the fact that they’re both extremely hot shit. Also: to serve lewks:


But okay, they were really there to promote the next installment in the Luther franchise, Luther: The Fallen Sun. But let’s face it: it’s about them being hot shit in head-turning looks. At least around these parts it is.


Idris Elba

Well it’s definitely not generic. He’s been talking about designing his own clothes lately so we wonder if this isn’t one of his own creations. It certainly plays to his preferences for casual wear while evoking formal styles just enough to make it red carpet-ready. From a design perspective, we think the collar points don’t work with the pin-tucking and the asymmetrical lapel. From a personal taste perspective, we hate that color.


Cynthia Erivo in Louis Vuitton

Trust Miss Cynthia to deliver the drama. This is the best Louis Vuitton gown we’ve seen in ages. LOVE how the sequin placement creates a graphic. With anyone else, we’d say that bag is a bit much, but since she’s the absolute queen of A Bit Much, we’d say it’s right where it’s supposed to be.



[Photo Credit: PA Images/ Images – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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