TÁR Star Cate Blanchett in Balmain at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Posted on March 02, 2023

Oh, how we laughed and laughed when we saw these shots of Cate Blanchett at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. Not because she did something funny or wore something hilariously wrong. No, we laughed because we’re judgmental bitches.


She’s been doing this whole airy bit about how awards don’t matter and they’re patriarchal or some such nonsense business, but listen: no A-list star shows up at the Costume Designers Guild Awards unless they are seriously, hungrily campaigning for that Oscar. We see you, girl. We can tell you want it. Which isn’t to say that Cate doesn’t support her local costume designers. We’re sure she’s great about paying tribute to the artisans and craftspeople who make her look good. But we’re also just as sure that this particular pit stop on the awards trail is extremely strategic at this point. In related news, she looks spectacular. We think the lower half of the outfit isn’t the best way to style that upper half, but the jacket and blouse look so great on her that her boring shoes and pants don’t much matter.


Style Credits:
Balmain Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Gregory Russell | Makeup by Mary Greenwell


[Photo Credit: FAYES VISION/startraksphoto.com/Cover Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images, Courtesy of Balmain]

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