Pop Style Opinionfest: Let’s Talk About Sex (Scenes)

Posted on February 17, 2023


Everyone got all het up over sex scenes this week, so we thought we’d weigh in on the topic, what with us being the opinionated sorts that we are. You star Penn Badgley kicked the discourse off by revealing that he didn’t want to do sex scenes anymore and that led to whole unloading of issues by lots of people, from the film and culture critics who came to the defense of a good cinematic snogging to the fandoms and Gen-Z commenters who revealed their puritanical streaks, to the sky-is-falling pundits who think every tricky conversation is a threat to civilization, we unpack it ALL. Touching on everything from Me Too to the Hays Code to the particularly problematic social structures and mores of modern fandoms, we try to give you the straight (you’ll pardon the term) talk this topic requires.


PLUS: Why everyone’s wrong about Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance!


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix]

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