Posted on January 19, 2023

Sadie Sink is currently on a very specific celebrity amusement park ride. It’s the one that we always thought sounded like the most fun out of all the celebrity perks, if you know how to play the game. She’s deeply involved in a critically acclaimed awards-track film with a Best Actor performance in it, but she’s not the one whose name is on the line. She doesn’t have to worry about campaigning for herself. Not yet, anyway. You’ll often see really smart actors ride this wave of involved-but-not-nominated several times until they eventually move to the higher stakes of being a potential nominee, having racked up enough prestige film bona fides. For now, she gets to go to all of the parties, get all of the gift bags, wear any piece of high fashion she can point to, meet every A-list director, producer, and star, and sport world-class hair and makeup the whole time. It is SUCH a good place for an ingenue to be.

Her style, not surprisingly, has taken the required leap forward as well. We’d probably consider this a little too staid and mature for a Stranger Things premiere, but it’s stylish and classic. She looks great in it. Our only quibble is that the subtle color goes flat on that set.




Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Belted Asymmetric Wool and Cotton-blend Twill Midi Wrap Dress

Styled by Molly Dickson | Hair by Tommy Buckett | Makeup by Tyron Machhausen


[Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC, – Video Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube]

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