SHOTGUN WEDDING Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on January 19, 2023

Of course we had to give its biggest star J Lo her own spotlight post, especially since her dress was so weird, but other cast members and some stylish celebrity supporters all hit the red carpet for the premiere of Shotgun Wedding too, all of them having evidently received the memo that they are not, under any circumstances, to wear any color that can be perceived from more than five feet away.


D’Arcy Carden in Cinq à Sept

This design couldn’t be better suited to her. We love it and she looks great, but we wish the silver band on the top didn’t look so stretched out and the one on the skirt didn’t have black peeking up over the top. It’s an execution thing.


Jennifer Coolidge in Self-Portrait

This dress, on the other hand, is a marvel of flawless execution. There’s a bit too much going on in terms of textiles and inserts. We’d have liked to have seen no lace at all on this one. We also think she looks much better with big, wavy-to-curly hair.


Josh Duhamel

It’s fine. The pants are a little long, but he’s pretty tall, which means tailors may overcompensate a little or he may prefer not to look like he’s outgrown his pants. Style-wise, it’s dull. We were joking about the memo, but it really does feel like no one was allowed to outshine the star.


Lenny Kravitz

The jacket’s too small. We love Lenny, but we’re also happy to be the blasphemous bitches that suggest a little bit of a style refresh. It’s time. Past time.


Whitney Cummings in Sandy Liang

It’s trying to do way too many things.


Xochitl Gomez

This is about as classic as it gets, and while we don’t want to give the impression that stars need to stick to these sorts of looks, we can’t help but gush over how great she looks. It’s fun to play around with the iconic Marilyn style every now and then. Every femme-presenting star should try it at least once. We’d have rec’d a pendant, but aside from that, it’s perfect.


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