The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Event Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 08, 2022

At The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment event, the looks ranged from serious to casual; political to frivolous. Let’s assess.



Carey Mulligan

We fully accept that she mostly doesn’t want to do the fashion thing unless she absolutely has to. But like so many folks who think fashion isn’t for them or see it as somehow a hindrance to themselves, she tends to veer into a sort of anti-fashion stance that tends not to do her any favors. In other words, this outfit would be perfectly fine and picture-ready if she just took off the coat, which she’s wearing like a suit of armor.



Charlize Theron in Dior

We really hate the combination of those wide-legged, high-waisted shorts and a pair of booties. Not even you can make that work, Charlize.




Connie Britton

It’s giving Sassiest Mom on Parents’ Night, which honestly isn’t the worst style direction for her. Unfortunately those pants are terrible.




Heidi Klum in Alex Perry

It’s very Heidi, which is about all there is to say about it.




Issa Rae in Hervé Léger

Oof. Love her, but we’re afraid we really dislike the dress. The color is terrible, the fringe is overdone, and the waist hits at the wrong spot.



Jamie Lee Curtis

Pretty sure she’s worn this suit several times in public before. It’s a great suit, but it’s meant to be worn with the jacket closed. Obviously, that’s not an oversight on her part, since she’s taking the occasion to pay tribute to martyred Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, whose death in police custody inspired a wave of protests in Iran and around the world. The whole look is pretty much beyond critique because she’s not playing the red carpet game.




Janelle Monáe in Thom Browne

This is why we were so delighted by the cute-sexy dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel Live; because this Thom Brown doll aesthetic just isn’t working for her anymore. We don’t hate this, we just think we’ve seen some version of it on her way too many times by now.



Jurnee Smollett

It’s pretty enough, but aside from the slightly interesting shoulder treatment, it’s a pretty fusty design.



Kerry Condon

This is the kind of dress that seems like it should come with its own sound effects, although all we’re hearing right now is a sad trombone. We’re not inclined to love the shape of it, but if you’re going to be whimsical in your design, try to find a textile that doesn’t practically scream its blandness.



Margot Robbie in Gucci

It feels like she’s really playing with girly and sexy looks now that the Chanel contract appears to be over. We can’t say we like this at all. It feels very Disney Channel Teen Star circa 2007.





She’s a pro and she knows how to apply drag aesthetics to a red carpet situation. Not a lot of queens do, including RuPaul. This is like a prestige actress awards season gown except filtered through drag.



Thuso Mbedu in The A List

A really smart and cute look. Also, a perfect example of how you can do fashion for an event like this without having to wear tight little dresses or outfits you might consider frivolous. Yes, we’re looking at you, Carey Mulligan. Our only quibble her is with the white pump, which pops a little too hard.




[Photo Credit: Michael Kovac/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images]

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