2022 Gotham Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 29, 2022

It was a glittering and glamourous night at the Gotham Awards and we’ve had plenty of things to say about the various style efforts, but it’s time to round up the rest of the more discussable looks and, well, discuss them. Briefly and bitchily.



Ayo Edebiri in Giambattista Valli Couture

We think she might’ve been able to pull off that pale chartreuse, but not with that big napkin hanging off the front of the dress.




Brian Tyree Henry

Love the coat, jewelry and footwear, but there’s no way we can look at the rest of it and not see pajamas.



Britt Lower in Sportmax

It looks like a total pain-in-the-ass to wear and we haven’t changed our mind about side cutouts or public bra situations, but it’s such an unusual sort of sci-fi frock that we at least respect the choice. It makes you look a second time and while it doesn’t get any better with each glance, we can appreciate it for being interesting.




Busy Philipps in Rachel Gilbert (Dress) and Magda Butrym (Coat)

It’s a cute enough dress, but those shoes are a bit much and that’s not how you wear a jacket. We get that wraps might be considered a little old-fashioned, but they were designed to be worn with gowns at night when it’s chilly. That pea coat wasn’t.




Emilia Jones in Michael Kors Collection

We just can’t get behind open lace-up sandals with a coat AND a turtleneck. It just looks insanely unbalanced to us. The outfit’s a killer, but it would look so much better with a pair of white boots.




Joe Alwyn in Thom Browne

We’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that Thom Browne isn’t a great fit for him. Not to be total bitches about it, because we like him well enough as an actor, but you need an excess of personality to pull off Thom Browne (see entry for: Pace, Lee) and he’s just way too reserved to make it work.




Jonathan Majors

Still not great on the fit front, but this is a slight improvement over recent efforts. We have no idea what the cup is for.



Julianne Moore in Carolina Herrera

Gorgeously uncomplicated, which is a bit unusual for her. Not sure about the bracelets worn over the sleeves, though.




Lena Dunham

That’s a gorgeous dress. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when she picks out things she actually likes to wear rather than picking out things to wear as an act of defiance or subversion. Nothing wrong with the latter, of course, but there’s also nothing wrong with wearing something pretty and enjoying it.




Maggie Gyllenhaal in Armani Privé 

The style is perfect for her and the embellishment around the keyholes really makes the look.




Melanie Lynskey

Love the earrings and bag. The dress is really cute until we get to the hem. That lining should go all the way down. Also, those shoes are kinda fun, but they’re a little too busy and heavy for the frock.



Minha Kim in Dior

Gorgeous and slightly unusual. The colors look amazing on her.



Noémie Merlant in Louis Vuitton

The skirt is really eye-catching, but it’s so heavy and focus-pulling that it makes the bodice look flimsy and unfinished.



Tommy Dorfman

It’s elegant, but just a little on the matronly side.



[Photo Credit: Darla Khazei/INSTARimages.com/Cover Images]

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