Academy Museum Gala 2022: Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci

Posted on October 17, 2022

Jodie Turner-Smith served up her usual eye-popping flair at the Academy Museum Gala, but we would like to suggest that this look provides a helpful illustration of the old maxim that good style is all about the right dress on the right wearer. That is to say, we would like to suggest that this serves as an example of what happens when one of those elements is missing.



The wearer remains fabulous but the dress cannot be rescued by her. Jodie does great with Gucci’s signature eye-searing colors and drag-inspired aesthetic – especially when she dyes her hair to match her gown. But as we’ve mentioned a time or two lately, we think this feathered, draggy style is getting really played out. The color combination is terrible. Remove the feathers and this would all be greatly improved.


Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Embroidered Dress with Feathered Trim Detailing

Styled by Wayman + Micah


[Photo Credit: KOI SOJER/ Images, Faye’s Vision/Cover Images]

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