Pop Style Opinionfest: Royal Succession Drama, With and Without Dragons

Posted on September 16, 2022

Given how many messages we got over the past week to the effect of “I can’t wait to hear what you two have to say about all this on the podcast,” can it really be such a surprise, darlings? We weren’t initially planning to talk about the death of Queen Elizabeth – and despite the picture above, we only have a slight interest in unpacking the drama between Charles’ sons – but a few things happened during the week that intrigued us and compelled us to weigh in with some thoughts. We have some things to say about the criticized responses from many members of the former British Empire’s diaspora communities, which got a lot of heat when the social media trends turned toward the morbidly gleeful responses to her death. We also have some issues with how reverently the American press is handling this moment and why that’s so disappointing. And yes, of course we go through some of the minor drama surrounding Harry’s children’s titles and what he was going to be allowed to wear during the proceedings, as well as how clear a line divides the Waleses and Sussexes, as evidenced by Catherine’s much more royal style over the past few days. Plus, a few theories on what King Charles will be doing to smooth over some of the cracks and fissures in his family.

But we promise we don’t spend the whole hour talking about that lot, we swear! We also had much to say about the latest episode of House of the Dragon, “King of the Narrow Sea,” in which the Targaryens get nasty – in every sense of the word, Rhaenyra reveals just how far she’ll go to compromise her morals in pursuit of power, how the show is examining female sexuality and sexual politics from a woman’s view in a way Game of Thrones never came close to managing, and why we think the costumes suddenly got a lot better.


It’s a whole hour of two queens talking about a whole bunch of kings, princesses, queens and dukes – and we thank you once again for listening, darlings.



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