THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER UK Gala Screening Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 07, 2022

Of course we had to give Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson some time in the judging spotlight, but the whole Thor: Love and Thunder London premiere red carpet scene was full of discussable looks. Join us, won’t you?


Brett Goldstein

There have been rumors about him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we suppose his appearance here confirms them (Google can help you with the details), but we have to say it’s probably the least interesting direction his post Ted Lasso career could take. He’ll make lots of money and probably do just fine for himself, so he doesn’t care what we think, surely. In that vein, we’d like to add that his loafers are very nice but his suit is weirdly fitted.



Pom Klementieff in Alexander McQueen

Gotta give her credit. Going by her previous appearances, we doubt she has more than ten lines in the movie but girlfriend went HARD for the premiere. This is honestly pretty great, even with a tricky-ass sheer skirt. Love how heavily jewelry’d up she is.




Regé-Jean Page in Giorgio Armani

The jacket’s too small on him and we’d swear that t-shirt has been through more than a few wash cycles, but he’s pretty enough that he knows he can get away with such low-effort work. Nice watch, though.




Rish Shah

He’s very cute and there’s something sort of charming about this “I’m wearing my best suit” approach, but we do tend to think he’d be better off in more youthful styles with a little bit more of an edge to them.



Rita Ora (in Elie Saab Couture) and Taika Waititi

They’re always going to seem like an odd pairing to us, but we suppose if we can get used to Gwen Stefani marrying Blake Shelton or Pete Davidson hitting the Met Gala with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, we’ll eventually get over our mild surprise every time we see these two together. She is definitely not dressing in the usual “I’m at my partner’s movie premiere” style. That’s no real surprise, we suppose. She was never subtle or demure in her public style choices. It’s fine, but we think it’s also a little aging. He looks great. Love the slightly unusual color of the tux. We don’t know if the beads have any significance but they’re a fabulous touch. As always, he’s serving great hair.



Serena Williams in Gucci

Hate that long black sash and if we’re being completely honest, we’re not huge fans of this twee, semi-juvenile style, but we have to admit this looks pretty great on her.





[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios, Cover Images]

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