Natalie Portman in Christian Dior at the THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER UK Gala Screening

Posted on July 06, 2022

Why, Miss Natalie Portman. Aren’t you just full of contradictions? And by that we mean we have contradicting reactions to your outfit here. That is to say, we love it and we hate it. We are large and we contain multitudes, after all.



We noted earlier that it seemed like she was loosening up a bit and taking a more playful approach to her promo fashion for this tour. It’s been one sassy little mini-dress after another, which makes for a marked change from her years of dressing in Prestige Actress wear. Not that Prestige Actresses can’t wear something short and kicky when they want to. She’s been at this game a good while and she’d know better than most when to switch things up. On paper, we like this; meaning we like the idea of it more than the reality. The color looks great on her and we like the shape, but that high waist is awful and the design is obscured by the overworked fabric. We suspect we won’t hear universal agreement on this one, but we kinda hate the head piece. We realize it can be hard for her to not give off a ballerina vibe at times, but the combination of head piece and skirt shape give it a distinctly dance costume vibe.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Red Strapless Minidress

Styled by Ryan Hastings | Hair by Lisa Storey | Makeup by Mara Roszak


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios]

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