THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH Star Naomie Harris at the BFI Chair’s Dinner at Claridge’s: IN or OUT?

Posted on June 29, 2022

James Bond franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were the recipients of BFI Fellowship’s at the BFI Chair’s Dinner and Miss Moneypenny herself came out to support them. She opted for a high-impact sort of look, in true Bond Girl fashion:



Y’know… we could almost be convinced on this one, but that high-low hem situation is a little too extreme. It just throws the proportions way off. In related news, that’s probably more red satin than we’d normally consider chic, but like we said, clearly the goal here was to go for impact. We’d say she succeeded, even though we can’t really claim we love the dress. The iquana’s fun, but we wish the design had a little bit more going for it. Are we being harsh or should we just accept the whole Bond Girl aesthetic going on here? After all, she looks like she could pull some delicate little gun out from under that tricky skirt at a moment’s notice.

Naomie Harris’s Slightly Tacky Bond Girl Style:

IN or OUT? 




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