Chris Evans in Percival at the LIGHTYEAR Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on June 09, 2022

And now for something completely hot.



That’ll do nicely. This also provides a lovely primer on male red carpet posing techniques. We all know how the ladies do the crossed-leg bit or the hand-on-hip bit, but for the guys, its: 1) Hands in pockets, 2) Point at something, and 3) Lightly rub your hands together like you’re about to say “Listen up” and launch into a pep talk. That last one’s mostly for showing off the watch (which in this case is a very nice watch).

We love that shirt  (Lorenzo is almost certainly going to buy it), but we’d never style it this way for ourselves. It takes a special man to tuck a knit shirt into a pair of pleated pants and manage to pull it off. And by that we mean it takes a man with a body like Captain America’s. Even so, when we look at the look book shots, we think it looks so much better untucked, even on a skinny model. We also wouldn’t have paired it with black dark pants and dress shoes, but like everything else about this look, it’s inexplicably working for him. Our only real complaint is with the footwear. Those things look a little worn out and they’re not the right style for the look.




Style Credits:
Percival Impressionist Jacquard Shirt
Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Gurkha Trouser in Olive
IWC Watch

Styled by Ilaria Urbinati


[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney, Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, – Video Credit: Pixar/YouTube]

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