Cathy Cambridge in Alessandra Rich at Royal Ascot 2022

Posted on June 17, 2022

Mrs. Cathy went a little dotty for Royal Ascot. We suppose some folks will want to make a Pretty Woman comparison, but it feels more like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady to us. Not that we think she’s really referencing any movie stars here. It’s the full Windsor drag for Kate and we suspect it always will be.


It’s pretty in that timeless way that so much of her style seems to be of late. More and more, she looks like she could’ve stepped out of a historical photograph of some royal from 70 years ago. We think that’s clearly by design. When she’s doing casual work, she likes to dress like a working mom and keep things relatable, but when she has to be royal, she turns those dials all the way up. We do not, however, understand the light brown shoes at all.

Edited to add: Yes, we know the dots are brown. The shoes still don’t go with the dress, in our opinion.



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Alessandra Rich Polka Dot Dress


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