Vanessa Hudgens in Fendace at Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Opening

Posted on May 13, 2022

In a harsher, crueler blogging era, we might have had a lot of fun making hay out of the fact that Vanessa Hudgens went from hosting the Vogue livestream during the Met Gala to a Hard Rock Cafe opening in the space of one month. But times are different and no one cares if a celebrity has got a couple side hustles going on. Get your coins, girl. We hope you got real money and not just a pile of Hard Rock merch. If nothing else, at least she’s sporting the hottest brand of the month among the celebrity set.




It’s Fendace week here on the blog! Fendace shoes! Fendace clothes! Fendace on the red carpet! It’s the word on everyone’s lips! FENDACE! Just looks like a bunch of Fendi and Versace pieces worn at the same time, but what do we know? We’re just fashion bloggers. Anyway, the tights and bag are cute enough, but that wonky dress design is throwing the whole top half out of wack. She looks like she got caught on a nail or something.



Style Credits:
Fendace Black Long-sleeve Mini Dress with Cutout Detail
Fendace Buckle Wide Dress
Fendace ‘La Medusa’ Bag
Fendace FF Tulle Tights
Fendace Shoes

Styled by Jason Bolden


[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/, Janet Mayer/,]

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