Met Gala 2022: Vanessa Hudgens in Moschino

Posted on May 03, 2022

We gave this look short shrift in our Cosmopolitan piece last night, largely because we’ve seen ten million (give or take) sheer black dresses in the last year alone, so wearing one to the Met Gala struck us as a bit of a letdown, especially when it’s one of the hosts of the night doing it. In the light of day, we’re feeling the need to reassess slightly.


Make no mistake, we still think it’s boring and dull to wear a sheer gown to the Met Gala – and to that we’d add that the nipple roses and visible panties are tacky. Having said that, this gown truly does embody a lot of Gilded Age fashion motifs and it’s hard to deny that she is not SERVING from the neck up, with gorgeous hair and makeup. And if you’re gonna do Gilded Age Tacky for the Met Gala, you might as well festoon yourself with every diamond you can get your hands on. Is this chic? No. Do we love it? Also no. But we don’t think she off-base here at all.


Style Credits:
– Custom Moschino Sheer Black Lace Embroidered Long Sleeve Gown with a Scalloped Lace Train and High Lace Collar
Messika High Jewelry Desert Bloom Long Earrings, The Exotic Charm Messika By Kate Moss Bracelet, Paired with a Selection of Diamonds Rings, From Miss Milla, Exotic Charm, Diamond Catcher and My Twin Collections
Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Danielle Priano | Makeup by Tonya Brewer



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