TOP GUN: MAVERICK World Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on May 05, 2022

It may not surprise you to hear that the Top Gun: Maverick premiere red carpet was a total sausagefest. We gave the King his own post and let you all weigh in on Jennifer Connelly’s contribution to the proceedings, but let’s round up the dudes and see how they did.



Bashir Salahuddin

We don’t always think a double-breasted jacket is best for anyone but skinny guys with broad shoulders, but we like how this is working for him, even if the fit isn’t quite as impeccable as it should be. The gold chains and gold buttons coordinate well.



Glen Powell in Valentino

He’s not reinventing the wheel here, but we salute the appropriate deployment of aviators and an ’80s skinny tie. We don’t mind the tone-on-tone greens, but we don’t love the off-white jacket.




Jake Picking

Someone really did him dirty. He played Rock Hudson in Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood and a young Gerald Ford in the currently airing The First Lady, so if you’re not familiar with his work, please allow us to explain that he’s drop-dead gorgeous on film, with a killer body. Which isn’t to say he’s looking hideous here, but none of this truly flatters him. We suspect he’s going for a 1940s-inspired style, but we hate the combination of tight jacket and wide-legged dress pants.




Jay Ellis

This all works nicely. We’re not big fans of white t-shirts with suits on red carpets because they tend to read like undershirts, but it works with the light blue and the silver accents. Love the shoes.




Jon Hamm (with Anna Osceola)

They were attached at the hip in every picture we found, which annoyed us because it ruins our sausage party joke. Anyway, from what we can see, the suit’s kind of nice and we like the subtle texture of it. Would have liked a color other than black for the shirt. Her dress is cute.




Manny Jacinto in Emporio Armani

It’s perhaps a bit too businesslike for a red carpet, but we can’t get mad because he’s a beautiful man with killer bone structure in a beautifully fitted suit of high quality.





Miles Teller in Giorgio Armani

It’s okay. The color’s nice. The tie and shirt combination are the least interesting ways to style it.





[Photo Credit: Faye’s Vision/, BauerGriffin/]

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