Tom Cruise, Jon Hamm and Miles Teller at the TOP GUN: MAVERICK Mexico City Premiere

Posted on May 09, 2022

And now, men in suits. Tom Cruise takes a big step down from his San Diego premiere finery, Jon Hamm stays about the same, and Miles Teller, perhaps sensing an opening, steps up his game.


Tom Cruise in Giorgio Armani

Meh. The suit’s fine, but boring. The shiny black shirt is terrible with it. The messy hair was defensible when he was arriving via helicopter, but there’s no excuse for it here.


Jon Hamm in Brioni

The color’s nice. For a Brioni suit, it doesn’t exactly impress with the fit and tailoring. He can complain about it all he wants when people bring it up, but he routinely wears the wrong underwear for dress pants. Bulges are fun and glorious, but if your junk is pulling and bunching up all around your crotch in the finest Italian suiting, you need to secure those boys, sir.




Miles Teller in Givenchy

Oh, hey. Another menswear motif we’ve never liked but rarely get to talk about: two-tone lapels. Unless you’re in a rockabilly band, we’re not for them. We appreciate that he stepped it up a little, though. We don’t like this suit all that much, but he’s the only one in this trio who tried to do something interesting.


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