Tom Cruise in Brioni at the TOP GUN: MAVERICK World Premiere

Posted on May 05, 2022

This is hilariously over the top. The only thing that could have made it more Tom Cruisey is if he’d been hanging on the outside of that helicopter as it landed. If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know we’re all about puncturing the hype and self-importance of celebrity culture, but when people say Tom Cruise is the last movie superstar, we tend to think they’re right. We may have softened our views on him during lockdown, when we tore our way through his entire 21stC slate of work. One thing you can say about a latter Tom Cruise flick is that it always gives you what you’re looking for. As we tweeted at the time, “globe-spanning action films where hyper-competent people save the world in story beats so predictable you could set a metronome to them is astonishingly comforting right now.” Having said that, we have no interest in this film, no matter how many hot guys are in the cast. Anyway, here he is, folks:



He used to be frustratingly bad about red carpets, in the way that so many pre-2000 superstars tend to be, but he’s gotten much better about showing up looking like a star rather than looking like he’s strolling through the Home Depot parking lot. Given the setting, we won’t get huffy about the hair. The fit on the suit is impeccable and that’s good enough.







Style Credits:
Bespoke Brioni Three-piece Suit in Wool and Silk


[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/, FAYES VISION/ – Video Credit: Paramount Pictures/YouTube]

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