Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Out and About in LA

Posted on February 17, 2022

Kittens! An honest-to-paparazzi, old school sidewalk sashay! Celebrities serving lewks while getting their iced coffee! Oh, it’s like the last two years never happened at all! Let’s celebrate that.


Aren’t they just? Ever so?

It’s been a good while since we’ve really done one of these posts, but we don’t want to treat this like a red carpet situation. While their outfits are clearly highly coordinated and probably chosen to be as photogenic as possible (they sure aren’t attempting incognito), it’s not like we’re gonna rag on their accessorizing or whatever. They look cute and as low-key as any celebrity couple can be walking around L.A. Besides, we want to be nice here so as to encourage more celebrities to put on loud outfits and walk around. We live for that shit around these parts. Taylor Swift, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.



Style Credits:
Joe Jonas: Golf Wang Landscape Cardigan | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Martine Ali Chain | Reebok Shoes

Sophie Turner: Finders Keepers Sadie Knit Dress | Thierry Lasry Sunglasses | Steve Madden Tiff Black Mules


[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/,,]

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