Lily James Promotes “Pam & Tommy” in Vivienne Westwood and Aya Muse

Posted on January 27, 2022

Lily James continues her sexy promo tour for Pam & Tommy. She’s not working quite at the same “cosplaying Pam” level that she was for the photo call the other day, but she’s still serving up a little bit of hotness in her style choices. No frilly romance looks for this girl.






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Okay, maybe there’s a little frill and fuss in this one, but we really love this. It’s a total swerve from her barely-there Versace ensemble, while still serving up hair, nails, a little boob and some killer heels without looking too over-the-top or unstylish. While the top looks slightly overdesigned to us, we love that the pants have a looser fit to them. If they’d been tight or skinny pants, we think this might have tipped over into tacky, but she’s riding that line perfectly.





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A post shared by Rebecca Corbin-Murray (@rebeccacorbinmurray)

We wouldn’t call this Pam cosplay, but it’s pure ’90s starlet style. We think this one also comes right up to the line of tacky, but the gorgeous styling, sleek lines and neutral color keep it on this side of the line.



Style Credits:
First Look:
Vivienne Westwood
Ensemble from the Spring 2022 Collection | Vivienne Westwood Platform Shoes
Second Look:
 Aya Muse ‘Verona’ Ruched Maxi Skirt and ‘Verona’ Knit Turtleneck Cropped Top | Jenny Bird Jewelry | Ilio Smeraldo Shoes


Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Hair by Danilo Dixon | Makeup by Nina Park (first look), Georgie Eisdell (second Look)


[Photo Credit: Rebecca Corbin-Murray, Instagarm/@rebeccacorbinmurray, Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood, – Video Credit: Hulu/YouTube]

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