“The Witcher” Star Henry Cavill at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Posted on December 14, 2021

Well, it looks like we woke up and chose controversy for the day. We wonder what our horoscopes say. All we know is this: after harrumphing our way through Zendaya’s much-lauded Spider-serve, we’re not going to piss off the Cavill Brigade. Granted, it won’t be the first time (which is why we know the Cavill Brigade even exists). Anyway, here we go again:


He dresses like a middle-aged nerd on a blind date. There. We said it.

Look, we get that one of the more appealing things about Henry Cavill is that he really is kind of an awkward nerd who just happens to look like a Tom of Finland etching. We would never suggest that he needed to be trendier or to wear tighter or more revealing clothing. Still, low key is one thing, but this is borderline geriatric. It almost feels deliberate in a way. He doesn’t dress this stodgy when he’s not doing promotional work, if you’ve ever seen his socials or paparazzi shots of him, but this guy up there looks like he’d rather die before wearing jeans or sneakers in public.




[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/Instarimages.com]

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